Xining   Lete   Youth   Hostel

How to arrive  xining  lete  youth   hostel

      Lete Youth Hostel located at in the centre district of Xi Ning city, the captial of Qing Hai province. It is in international village apartment 5 number building 15th floor to 18th floor. The south to Qing Tang ruin park and Nan Men stadium, east from Nan Xiao street more than 100 meters, West to the Nan Da Jie 200 meters, north connect to Jian Cai Xiang

The hostel was built by the high level duplicate landscape apartment transformation, each set of guest rooms have different characteristic. Hostel altogether has five enclosed glass platform,  you can watch 

beautiful scenery of the Xi Ning. The hostel provides the single room, the double room,  the husband and wife room. It equipped with the Buddhist painting corridor, the public living-room, the healthy body spot, the self-service kitchen, the insolation platform, the laundry room, the reading room, the wireless internet bar, the convenience store, the satellite TV, the message center, the bicycle hiring, we provide the traveling consultation, the order form serve with the guide, free provides the sewing kit, the wind tunnel, the baggage checks service. The Lete Youth Hostel is a platform where the youth can communication with each other and exchange  their different ideas. Our logo is "the security, the economy, the health, the privacy and the environmental protection". We try our best to provide you with Qing Hai traveling traffic information. We arrange a family even in the short time to traveling students and backpackers for warm environment and comfortable equipment.

Living room

Indoor stairs

Self-service kitchen