Work-related photos

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 You are not the boss of me! Nestor notabilis, kea, New Zealand                                                                              Ximena and mantis, Sydney, Australia


  Video playback causing some ruffled feathers

"Ximena Bond" after a dash in front of a truck - chameleon rescue in Portugal

Spectral measurements of male chooks (Australia) 

Left: Lizard playback experiments with aerial predators
Right: Looking for spiders (Kenya)

Jacky dragon ready to strike the annoying photographer

Portia jumping spider on her eggs (Kenya)

                                                 Evarcha culicivora (mosquito terminator
                                                   about to pounce on cybermosquito                                   Male E. culicivora

 Experimental setup for cybermosquito (New Zealand)

Artist's rendition (XJN's idealised version, no duct tape, blue tac...) of animation playback during my PhD  

My current beasty, Servaea (Australia)

My Master's degree beasty, Myrmarachne (photo: Robert Jackson)

Plexippus (Kenya)

"La sombra del bandido" (Philippines)

"Predator" (Kenya)