Ximena Nelson

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My research interests include neuroethology, visual neurophysiology,

vision-based decision making, predator-prey interactions, cognition, and

communication. I currently work as a lecturer at the University of Canterbury

(NZ) and lead a project that seeks to understand the neural basis of motion

detection in the secondary eyes of jumping spiders, based both at Centre for the

Integrative Study of Animal Behaviour (CISAB) at Macquarie University and at the

vision lab at the University of Adelaide. For a more detailed account of my

research interests and the projects being undertaken by my students, click on

any of the links to the left, or visit my site at the University of Canterbury (UC).

My rather varied research interests are, unsurprisingly, a product of my past

research experience. Under the supervision of Professor Robert Jackson at the

University of Canterbury I studied mimicry in jumping spiders (Myrmarachne)

and used 3D animation techniques to investigate vision-based predatory

behaviour in a mosquito-eating jumping spider (Evarcha culicivora). Later, as an

Australian Research Council-funded postdoctoral fellow at at CISAB, I used the

idea of receiver psychology to understand lizard perception of the deceptive

caudal luring signal of death adders and explored mate choice and personality

traits in stable groups of sebright chickens.


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