Jackson, R. R., Pollard, S. D., Nelson, X. J., Edwards, G. B. & Barrion, A. T.

2001. Jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) that feed on nectar Journal of

Zoology (London), 255: 25-29. 


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Nectivory was studied in 90 species from the spider family Salticidae. Observations of 31 of these species feeding on nectar from flowers in nature was the impetus for laboratory tests in which all 90 species fed from flowers. That sugar, not just water, is relevant to salticids was implied by choice tests where salticids spent more time drinking from a simulated nectar source (30% sucrose solution) than from distilled water. Our findings suggest that nectar feeding may be widespread, if not routine, in salticid spiders.