Competition Supplies Vendors

  • ASP - Aerospace Speciality Products - Andy Jackson's company offers his own line of competition kits for parachute and streamer duration, and eggloft, as well as reselling kits from Saturn Press (scale kits) and Edmonds Aerospace (including the contest-oriented Contest Craft line). He also sells many competition parts and supplies, including competition parachute and streamer material.
  • Apogee Components - Tim VanMilligan's company has kits for Scale, helicopter, and boost-glide, and competition parts such as tubes, nose cones, and egg capsules. He has a huge array of technical reports and how-to newsletters as well.
  • BMS - Balsa Machining Services - Bill Saindon's company's claim to fame is their excellent balsa noses, boat-tails, and transitions. He also sells body tubes and other supplies. (He also manufactures and retails the kits for Edmonds Aerospace [including the Contest Craft glider line] and Saturn Press [Peter Alway's scale kits].)
  • Edmonds Aerospace - Rob Edmonds' company specializes in rocket-boosted gliders of all sorts. A lot of care goes into the design and manufacturing of these kits, making them easy to build.
  • Fliskits - Jim Flis' company offers only one contest kits (Rose-a-Roc helicopter), but he has a wide variety of parts and has partnered with Quest Aerospace to create and sell kits, parts, and motors for the Micro Maxx line (1/8A contest events).
  • Pratt Hobbies - Doug Pratt's company has many unique products, of most interest to competitors is his line of lightweight vac-u-form 13mm plastic noses and egg capsules (similar to the CMR parts of the '70s and '80s).
  • QCR - Qualified Competition Rockets - Ken Brown runs this small company that sells kits for almost every event in the Pink Book. The kits are basic and inexpensive, the instructions and sometimes the materials can be rudimentary, but the result is a model that should perform well in its event, even when built and flown by a novice. QCR kits are also offered through Heavenly Hobbies.
  • Semroc Astronautics Corporation - Carl McLawhorn's family-run company doesn't have many contest kits (they do have a good B/G and some scale models), but they have a wide variety of parts at reasonable prices. They're also a great source of historical kits for Classic Model.
  • Sunward Aerospace - Angelo Castellano's company in Canada sells parts and supplies suitable for competition use, plus a piston launcher and a competition boost-glider kit.
And of course the big consumer companies -- Estes and Quest -- have a number of kits that can be used or adapted for competition use.