It's most likely that you have an application for, or interest in, some technology to automate your home, perhaps manage your energy usage, maybe give you a visual on your controlled system over the Internet or just display statistical or performance information on a factory floor? Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) satisfy that requirement admirably - and Mitsubishi Electric provide a great assortment of commercial strength end user apps for the visualization and remote monitoring and control for all their range of programmable controllers products. However, Mitsubishi also freely publish the associated communication protocols for their PLC's as well, which means we can make our own interfacing, remote control and data acquisition tools too...

Desktop.DASH - A simple "virtual dashboard" to your Mitsubishi Alpha2, FX Serial or FX Ethernet PLC 

If you need a simple monitoring and controls solution involving Mitsubishi PLC technology then I hope that you may find something useful here. However, if you have a specific requirement or adaptation in mind, then feel free to contact me for suggestions or for a software feature request to an existing XML Control app.