2012: the Education Revolution: Report from the Front Revisited

Why this presentation is Power Point Less!

For the past half dozen years I have - whenever possible - avoided Power Point for presentations.  The concept of developing a presentation that is not native to the Web, that is proprietary in form, and that does not easily promote broad sharing and participation is not consistent with our approach to teaching and learning in the 21st century.  Instead, I have used presentation blogs, Google Sites, Prezi, SlideShare, and other Web-based, open tools.  I believe that these model the practices we should encourage broadly.

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A Revolution - nothing less

Truly, this is a revolution with much at stake.  The technologies and trends that are in place today are ones that will be the demise of many colleges and universities.  They will also be the cause for the rise of many others.  These are sea-changes in the way in which we educate society.  It is not a euphemism; it is not an over-statement; it is reality in 2012. 
  • Opportunity 
  • Experimentation
  • Only for "continuing" or "extended" education
  • Outside the mainstream
  • dNo longer exist in a near-monopoly - subject to powerful competition from for-profit and open alternatives
  • The economy is devastating - causing states and residents to re-think their investments (see: http://recessionreality.blogspot.com
  • Survival depends upon innovation
  • We must stay up-to-date on the developments in the field (see http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/onlinelearning/blogger.html
  • We must be agile
  • We must be responsive
  • We must expand our value while simultaneously reducing our costs
  • All of the opportunities of the past remain, but the stakes are much higher

Thursday Sessions:

  • Applications, approaches, opportunities, methods, modes

  • What is going on when and where and why

  • Take aways:  We are an energetic, talented, skilled, connected community
Reach out and make continuing connections to those on other campuses - we can accomplish much together!

Today's Sessions:

  • Rick - technology expanding exponentially, impacting our lives our present and our future

  • Danielle and Brandon - we are not in a vacuum - how we can collaborate and build virtual bridges 

  • Tom - reminds us of the priorities that drive our unified effort - use these technologies to be more efficient and effective

  • Melanie and Cori - most powerful - what online learning means to students - accessibility, reflection, connections, and quality - our brains glow!  Our students deserve no less than our full effort to meet their needs.

  • Sharon and Beth - we must support our students as well; bring them into the 21st century where needed and we must not ignore the power of peers - students can join us in teaching, facilitating, and building learning environments

  • Ritchie - the expanding digital environment - pervasive and omni-present 

  • Mark and Greg - be creative, think outside the traditional box (classroom) find new ways to reach and to be relevant

  • Michael - rediscover the child and the power of the game - creativity, personal identity, reinforcement, achievement

  • John - it is a journey as in learning back country skiing.  We are not reinvented in a day, but over time we can excel

These thought-filled faculty members from "down under" articulate many of our shared concerns and opportunities:


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