The rudiment of Xi'an Jiaotong University Alumni Association of Northern California (XJTUNC) appeared in 2001. According to bylaw, the first president was formally elected in 2009. The goal of the Association is to find old friends, exchange information, connect to XJTU and other associations, and organizing activities.  The areas of focus include:

  • Organize all types of social, academic, and career activities to unite our alumni members.
  • Foster connection and exchange event information between our organization with our Alma Mater and promote various social and business opportunities for our alumni.
  • Promote our alumni organization in public and in front of other alumni organizations.
  • Promote the image of Xi’an Jiao Tong University (XJTU) and bridge our overseas alumni back to the school in China.
  • Support member’s professional development.
  • Encourage and help members develop business ideas
The membership of XJTUNC is open to all Xi'an Jiaoda graduates, faculty, and staff resided in Northern California. Please join us by sign up on the group mailing list.
If you have any questions regarding to the volunteering opportunities or suggestions, please contact us through our Contact page.
XJTU-NC 2018 Leadership Team
President: Yaning Li
Executive Vice President: Jigang Jin
Vice President: Fuzu Li
Board of Directors: Lei Xu, Yifeng Zhou, Sarah Zhao, Jin Zhang, Ping Li, Derek Qiao, Xiaomei Liu, Julie Yu, Jason Xu, Betty Du, Ning Cao, Guduan Gong, Xiaodong Zhang, Mianmian Wen, Shanhong Wu, Hong Li, Guomin Xiang, Yaning Li, Jigang Jin, and Fuzu Li.

Past Presidents of XJTU-NC
Name Term
Lei Xu 2009
Yifeng Zhou 2010
Sarah Zhao 2011 
Jin Zhang      2012
Ping Li  2013 
Xiaomei Liu 2014
Guduan Gong 2015
Shanhong Wu 2016
Guoming 2017