Widespread violence on Television

Widespread Violence on Television

        Violence on television is widespread. First of all, the cartoon is full of fighting scenes and dirty words. Happy Tree Friends and South Park are two typical examples. In South Park, for example, the main characters are four boys who are only eight years old, and the main plot is based on dirty dialogues, and the usage of guns, knives, and hatchets. Second, violence also appears in our daily news. The news reporters seem to treat the violent news as equally important as the entertainment shows, and they are more likely to add more and more violence in the news. For example, you can often see bloody scenes in news which are taken from car accidents or suicide events. The news also talk about the detailed information of criminals and drugs. For example, if a robber robed a bank, then the news would describe many details on how the robber did it, and in this way of reporting, we would know how to rob a bank. Third, violence in movies is also widespread. Sin City, Kill Bill, and Gangs of New York are those kinds of movies which talk about gangsters’ stories. Kill Bill, for instance, is a movie which was released in 2003 and made a lot of money from the audience. This movie talks about a killing game between a gangster and a killer, the killer’s revenge and her biggest dream, which is killing all her enemies before she dies. In this movie, you can see the power of a gangster, and how to use the martial art, knives, and other kinds of weapons to fight against and kill others. Therefore, as you can see, violence is widespread on television now, and more important is that how we going to prevent the violence from our thought about the violence is only kind of entertainments.

January 12, 2008