Xi (Rossi) LUO

Assistant Professor
Brown University

School of Public Health
Department of Biostatistics
& Center for Statistical Sciences
Address: 121 S Main St, Level 7, Providence, RI 02912
Office: (401) 863-6321  Fax: (401) 863-9128

    • PhD student Mary Lacy's paper on predicting diabetes diagnosis is highlighted by a paper in Nature Reviews.
    • Our ABCD group received an NSF award, in partnership with the NIH BD2K initiative, on methods for Big Biomedical Data and Precision Medicine!
    • Obinna Ekekezie (Medical student) was awarded Summer Research Fellowship by Brown Medical School to work on a data science project.
    • Yi Zhao (PhD student) won Runner-up for Best Research Poster Award by PhD students, postdocs, and trainees, Public Health Research Day, School of Public Health, Brown University, 2015.
    • Yi Zhao (PhD student) won 2015 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper Award, from the Eastern North American Region of The International Biometric Society. The paper is coauthored by Zhao and Luo.
    • My course Statistical Methods for Big Data received a Microsoft Azure Education Award of $15,000.
    • Abi Kulshreshtha (Undergraduate) was elected as 2015 Rhodes Scholar.
    • Abi Kulshreshtha (Undergraduate) won CFAR Undergraduate Research Internship Award from Brown/Tufts/Lifespan CFAR, for his work on a Data Science project in my group.
    Research Initiatives:                                                     
    Selected publications:
    • Fast and Adaptive Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation in High Dimensions (2015).  Journal of Multivariate Analysis.  With W. Liu.  
    • Cognitive Control and Gender Specific Neural Predictors of Relapse in Cocaine Dependence (2013).  Brain. With S. Zhang, S. Hu, S. Bednarski, E. Erdman, O. Farr, K. Hong, R. Sinha, C. Mazure, and C. Li.
    • Inference with Interference between Units in an fMRI Experiment of Motor Inhibition (2012).  Journal of the American Statistical Association. With D. Small, C. Li, and P. Rosenbaum.
    • A Constrained L1 Minimization Approach to Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation (2011).  Journal of the American Statistical Association. With T. Cai, and W. Liu.
    • Biological Markers of the Effects of Intravenous Methylphenidate on Im- proving Inhibitory Control in Cocaine Dependent Patients (2010).  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. With C. Li, P. Morgan, D. Matuskey, O. Abdelghany, J. Chang, B. Rounsaville, Y.-S. Ding, and R. Malison.
    • Functional Connectivity Delineates Distinct Roles of the Inferior Frontal Cortex and Presupplementary Motor Area in Stop Signal Inhibition (2009).  Journal of Neuroscience. With J. Duann, J. Ide, and C. Li.