Aspekketoyo Schnalzy

The Googlepage of Tyriq.

(aka Xion Night)






Aspekketoyo Schnalzy is a site in which I, whom you shall know as Xion Night (unless you read under the title of this page), display the awesomeness of myself.

I am an artist of sorts, and an author of sorts. I am also a ranter of sorts.

You will probably find arts and auths and rants littered throughout this site, if I ever get around to adding any. Elsewise, this will just be a place for me to retreat into my own wittiness. It will also serve as my portfolio.

I accept money. If you wish to employ my services as an artist for, say, a game of yours, or perhaps my writings skills, contact me here.

In any case, I do hope you manage to enjoy your stay here at Aspekketoyo, and remember to eat your peaches.