Siyang Xiong

Professor of Economics
University of Bristol




"Characterizing the strategic impact of misspecified beliefs" (supplemental appendix) (with Yi-Chun ChenAlfredo Di TillioEduardo Faingold) Review of Economic Studies v84, 1424-1471 (2017)

"The robust selection of rationalizability" (with Yi-Chun Chen and Satoru Takahashi) Journal of Economic Theory, v151, 448-475 (2014)

"Genericity and robustness of full surplus extraction" (Online Appendix) (with Yi-Chun ChenEconometrica, v81, 825-847 (2013)

"The e-mail game phenomenon" (with Yi-Chun Chen) Games and Economic Behavior, v80, 147-156 (2013)

"Agreeing to agree with uncountable information structures," Games and Economic Behavior, v74, 442-446 (2012)

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"Uniform topologies on types" (with Yi-Chun Chen, Alfredo Di Tillio and Eduardo Faingold), Theoretical Economics, v5, 445-478 (2010)

"Topologies on types: Correction" (with Yi-Chun Chen), Theoretical Economics, v3, 283-285 (2008)

"Core equivalence theorem with production" (with Charles Z. Zheng), Journal of Economic Theory, v137, 246-270 (2007)


Working papers:

"An Impossibility Result for Rationalizable Implementation

"Maskin Meets Abreu and Matsushima(with Yi-Chun ChenTakashi Kunimoto, and Yifei Sun)

"Communication under Language Barriers" (with Francesco Giovannoni) R&R JET

"On Identifying Higher-Order Beliefs" (with Wooyoung Lim)

"Does Jump-Bidding Increase Sellers' Revenue? Theory and Experiment" (with Wooyoung Lim)

"The Incentive Compatibility Critique" (with Yi-Chun Chen)

"The Weinstein-Yildiz Critique and Robust Predictions with Arbitrary Payoff Uncertainty(with Yi-Chun Chen and Satoru Takahashi)

"A folk theorem for contract games with multiple principals and agents"

"Unawareness and the standard state space revisited"



"Every Choice Correspondence is Backwards-Induction Rationalizable"

"Information Independence and Common Knowledge: A Comment"

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