Siyang Xiong

Professor of Economics

University of California, Riverside



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Working papers:

"Mechanism Design with Sequential-Move Games: Revelation Principle"

"Obvious Dominance and Strongly Obvious Dominance: Revelation Principle"

"Nash-Wilson Implementation"

"Pure-Nash Implementation vs Mixed-Nash Implementation"

"Nash Implementation vs Rationalizable Implementation"

"Mixed-Nash implementation: the ordinal approach"

"Maskin Meets Moore-Repullo-Sjöström"

"Nash implementation by stochastic mechanisms: a simple full characterization"

"Common agency with non-delegation or imperfect commitment" (online appendix) (with Seungjin Han)

"A Unified Approach to Equilibrium Analysis in Competing Mechanism Games" (with Seungjin Han)

"Continuous-Time Games with Reaction Lag: An Game-Tree Representation" (online appendix) (with In-Uck Park)

"Commitment Design

"On Identifying Higher-Order Beliefs" (with Wooyoung Lim)

"The Incentive Compatibility Critique" (with Yi-Chun Chen)

"A folk theorem for contract games with multiple principals and agents"

"Unawareness and the standard state space revisited"



"Every Choice Correspondence is Backwards-Induction Rationalizable"

"Information Independence and Common Knowledge: A Comment"