The Realm of Mountain-Water: Gardens and Landscapes in Chinese Culture 山水之境: 中國文化中的風景園林. Beijing: Sanlian shudian, 2015. Editor.

Table of Contents
0. Introduction (Xin WU) / 概述 (吳欣)01. Nature and Ideology in Western Descriptions of the Chinese Garden (Craig CLUNAS) / 西方對中國園林描述中的自然與意識形態 (柯律格)
02. The Spirit of a Landscape (François JULLIEN) / 山水之神 (朱利安)
03. Insights into Chinese Traditional Botanical Knowledge (Georges MÉTAILIÉ) / 探析中國傳統植物學知識 (梅泰理)
04. Mapping and Transformation (Eugene WANG) / 靈異山水 - 從”東漢之圖“到”西域之變“ (汪悅進)
05. Archeological Discovery and Study of the Shangyang Palace in the East Capital of Tang (JIANG Bo) / 唐東都上阳宫的考古发掘與研究 (姜波)
06. The Politics of Gesture in Chinese Gardens (Martin POWERS) / 中國園林中的政治幾何學 (包華石)
07. Petrophilia and Its Anxiety: Tai-hu Rock in Tang-Song Peotry (Xiaoshan YANG) / 石癖及其行成的憂慮:唐宋詩歌中的太湖石 (楊暁山)
08. Landscapes and Gardens of Neo-Confucian Pedagogy at Yuelu Academy (Xin WU) / 儒家山水 - 從風景園林到格物致知 (吳欣)
09. The Dialogue between the Arts of Chinese Woodblock Prints and Gardens (WANG Yi) / 中國古典版畫與中國古典園林藝術的關係 (王毅)
10. The Transition in Garden Style in Late-Ming China (Alison HARDIE) / 明代晚期中國園林設計的轉型 (夏麗森)
11. Grand-view Garden as a Haven for Belles and Blossoms (XIAO Chi) / 大觀園 - 美人繁花的庇護所 (蕭馳)
12. Transmitting a Qing Imperial Garden: Kangxi’s Thirty-six Views of Bishu shanzhuang and Their Journey to the West (Richard E. STRASSBERG) / 一座清代御苑之傳播:康熙避暑山莊三十六景及其在西方的傳播歷程 (石聽泉)

Patricia Johanson and the Re-Invention of Public Environmental Art, 1958–2010. Hardback by Routledge/Ashgate, 2013; paperback by Routledge, 2017.

This book addresses the issue of translation between visual arts and landscape design in the 50 more years career of Patricia Johanson, an important artist in the second half of the twentieth-century. Examining the artist’s search for an 'art of the real' as a member of the post-World War II New York art world, and how such pursuit has led her from painting and sculpture to public garden and environmental art, it argues for the significance of the process of art creation, challenging the centrality of art objects.
An insightful study to confront a crucial question in the history of art through the work of a contemporary artist, it converses with historians, critics and artists alike. Following Johanson's artistic development, from its formation in the 1960s American art scene to the very present day, across the fields of art, architecture, garden, civil engineering and environmental aesthetics, it investigates the process of creation in a transdisciplinary perspective, and reveals a view of art as a domain of exploration of key issues for the contemporary world. The artist's concept of nature is highlighted, and particular impacts of Chinese aesthetics and thought unveiled. Based on extensive analysis of unpublished private archives, it offers us the first ever comprehensive scholarly interpretation of Patricia Johanson's oeuvre, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, garden proposals, and built and unbuilt projects.

       … a welcome and timely addition to the literature of landscape design.             ---- Studio International 
Xin Wu’s recent study of Johanson explores the artist’s work as negotiating between these multiple fields as well as meriting consideration within art historical chronologies. For Wu, Johanson’s art constitutes a new-and relevant-form of contemporary public art practice.'
---- Journal of American Culture

The New Art of Landscape: Conversations between Xin WU and Contemporary Designers 景觀啓示錄:吳欣當代設計師訪談. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Beijing: Zhongguo jianzhu gongye chubanshe, 2012. Editor.

Table of Contents
Xin Wu - Restoring Landscape Design as an Art / 吳欣 - 復原景觀設計的藝術性 (i-xxi)
Conversations between Xin Wu and seven contemporary landscape designers from China, EU and US:
1. Kongjian YU - Between Vernacular Landscape and Modernity / 俞孔堅 - 鄉土景觀與現代化
2. Diana BALMORI - Between Urban Landscape and Natural Beauty / 戴安娜 · 巴摩里- 城市景觀與自然美
3. Bernard L ASSUS - Between Visual Art and Landscape Poetics / 贝尔纳 · 拉素斯 - 視覺藝術與景觀的詩意
4. Patricia JOHANSON - Between Public Art and Environment Infra structure / 帕特里夏 · 约翰逊 - 公共藝術與基礎設施
5. Erik DHONT - Between Contemporary Aesthetics and European Garden Tradition / 埃里克 · 董特 - 当代美学与造园传统
6. Maya LIN - Between Art Creation and Form / 林璎 - 藝術創作與形式
7. Paolo BÜRGI - Between Design and Creative Interpretation / 保罗 · 伯吉 - 設計與創造性的詮釋

Reconstruction of Modernity
: Patricia Johanson’s House & Garden Commission.
2 vols. with a foreword by Stephen Bann. Washington DC: Dumbarton Oaks; distributed by Harvard University Press, 2007.

Patricia Johanson was one of the earliest minimalist painters and a friend of Tony Smith, Barnett Newman, Helen Frankerthaler, Robert Smithson, Robert Morris, a generation of post-WWII American artists trying to supersede the modernist agenda for the arts set by Clement Greenberg. In 1969, the course of her career was dramatically deflected by an unexpected garden commission from the House & Garden magazine. It resulted in 150 garden proposals (146 of which survived and are presented here) and seven companion essays. Neither these proposals nor the essays have ever been published or exhibited as an entity before this book. 

The commission reveals an unknown development of the late 1960s New York art world, putting forth a renewal of garden art in defiance of well-known cultural trends of the time: formalism and modernism, earthworks and environmentalism. The House & Garden Commission proposes, beyond a renewal of garden design, a new role for the visual arts in pursuit of the unfinished project of modernity.

In 2 volumes, with a preface by Stephen Bann and a catalogue of 146 original garden proposals.

It takes courage in a review to describe an intensely scholarly, elegantly written and fastidiously presented publication as 'mind-blowing', but here Xin Wu offers an inspired resurrection of an almost forgotten garden project launched in the mind-blowing 1960s when boundaries to the imagination were unfashionable.   
---- Tim Mowl,  Garden History [Journal of the Garden History Society, UK], Winter 2008