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Recent News

10/2018 [Tool] OldSpot (A pre-RTL simulation framework for fine-grained aging and lifetime optimization) is available here.
04/2018 [PhD] My PhD dissertation will be available here.
04/2018 [Award] Outstanding Reviewer (top 10%) by Elsevier!
03/2018 [PhD] I successfully defended my PhD Thesis! Finally a PhD! Thanks to everyone who helped me at different stages of my life!
03/2018 [Career] I am on job market and actively looking for positions on Digital ASIC/RTL DesignPhysical Design, CAD Design MethodologyReliability or any other positions that could utilize my skills of Robust and low power VLSI design (5 years), 3 tapeouts (one with 14nm FinFET), chip testing and cross-layer resilience (BTI and EM). 
12/2017 [Conference] Two papers are accepted by ISQED 2018!
10/2017 [Contest] Semi-finalist of MIT CHIEF Business Plan Contest!
09/2017 [Award"Best in Session" award at SRC TECHCON 2017! (news)
08/2017 [Journal] Our FinFET work is published! 
05/2017 [AwardI got the 2017 IEEE Circuits and Systems Pre-Doctoral Scholarship link!
04/2017 [AwardI was awarded the Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award by the ECE department!
03/2017 [AwardMy paper titled "Deep Healing: Ease the BTI and EM Wearout Crisis by Activating Recovery" was selected as “Best of SELSE” for an invited talk at the IEEE DSN conference.
03/2017 [ConferenceOne poster is accepted by UVERS 2017!
02/2017 [ConferenceOne paper is accepted by SELSE 2017!
02/2017 [Award] I am recommended as a Featured Reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews! A small interview blog is posted here.
10/2016 [Journal] The JSPS Paper is accepted!
10/2016 [Journal] The Integration, the VLSI Journal paper is accepted!
10/2016 [Conference] The abstract is accepted by IEEE/ACM Workshop on Variability Modeling and Characterization@ICCAD'16!
09/2016 [Conference] Poster is accepted by SRC@ICCAD'16!
05/2016 [Conference] Two papers are accepted by SRC TECHCON!
05/2016 [PhD] I passed my PhD proposal. Now I am officially an ABD (all but defense) PhD Candidate!
05/2016 [Service] My review in Computing Reviews is selected as "Editor's pick" for that week.
04/2016 [Award] I was awarded the 2016 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CAS) Student Travel Award!
02/2016 [Service] I was accepted as an ACM Reviewer for Computing Reviews.
01/2016 [Conference] I presented a research paper and a student research forum poster at ASP-DAC '16 in Macau, China.
01/2016 [Award] I was awarded the ISSCC Student Travel Grant by IEEE SSCC