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Graduate Courses

Online Courses (From CourseraEdx, Udemy, Codecademy, etc.)
2017 Spring

Machine Learning (Ongoing)

2016 Fall


2016 Spring

2015 Fall

System Verilog/Verification

Courses at the University of Virginia

2015 Spring

l Class Presentation: Burn-in/Stress Testing

l A FinFET Simulation Tutorial at UVa: FinFET FreePDK15 Tutorial

2014 Fall

 l Project: A Tiling Puzzle Solver

ECE 695A  Reliability Physics of Nanotransistors (Purdue University)

2014 Summer

Open Course   VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout (UIUC)

2014 Spring

ECE 6502   ASIC/SOC VLSI Design  

2013 Fall

CS 7457      Computer Networks

 l Project 1: Simulate a G/G/1/k Queuing System (Report)
 l Project 2: DOCSIS (Report) (Slides)

CS 4414  Operating System (Audit)

2013 Spring

CS 6354      Computer Architecture 
 l Presentation: IBM 7th Power Processor (Slides)

APMA 6430 Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 

2012 Fall

ECE 6332    Introduction to VLSI
    l Project:  A Recursive Structure Power Aware Block based Imprecise Multiplier (Deliverables are available from website)

ECE 6711    Probability and Stochastic Process 

Courses at the University of Florida

2012 Spring

EEE 6328C  Microwave IC Design 

 l  Project: A 2.4 GHz Low Noise Amplifier in Standard 0.35 μm CMOS technology (Report)

EEL 6935     Advanced Data Converters  (Audit)

2011 Fall

EEL 5721  Reconfigure Computing 

 l  Project: 1-D Time Domain Convolution Circuit Design on FPGA board (Report)
 l  Project: Fibonacci Calculator and Fully-pipelined Accumulator Design (Report)

EEL 6935  Fundamental of Data Converters

 l  Project: 12 bit, 50MHz Low Power Pipeline ADC design (TSMC 250nm) (Report)

EEE 6935  RFIC (Audit)

2011 Spring

EEE 6323  Advanced VLSI Design

 l  Project: A Low Power, 8-Point 32-Bit, radix-2 FFT Processor with Floating-Point Standard design (Report)
 l  Project: Vending Machine Design Project(Report)

EEE 6321 MOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design

 l  Project:  A Non-ideal 5th-order low pass Chebyshev Gm-C filter design (Report)
 l  Project:  A Switch-Capacitor Amplifier with digitally adjustable gain design(Report)

EEE 6374  Radio Frequency Circuits and Systems 

 l  Project:  1Gb/s 30GHz Earth-Moon Wireless Link Using QPSK Modulation Demonstration (BER>1x10^-5)  (Report)

2010 Fall

EEE5322   VLSI Circuits and Technology 

 l  Project:  A Low Power 41 6T-SRAM Cell Design based on Cadence Tools (TSMC 0.25um) (Report)          

EEE 5320  Bipolar Analog IC Design 
 l  Project: Doubly-folded Rail-to-rail Op Amp circuit design and Analysis (Report)

EEE 5426  Introduction to Nanodevices
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