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this site is meant to support the use of the ximpel interactive video framework in interactive multimedia applications, as well as the planning and development of extensions of ximpel, to enable the use of interactive video in a different context, for example sensor-driven urban screens and mobile or tablet devices. Possible extensions include: interaction with WII, Arduino sensors, camera feeds, multitouch interface(s) and the connection with social networks, such as facebook.

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The ximpel interactive video platform supports applications that might be characterized as between narrative(s) and gameplay, or alternatively as on of the means of storytelling in the digital age. Interactive storytelling is a viable way to communicate messages, to provide information, to visualize scenarios and to support online learning. Even more so with the growing availability of high quality online video services. Since the ximpel interactive video platform proved to be a convenient way to produce compelling interactive media, we decided to continue our support for the ximpel platform, with as a first goal to have a stable integration of youtube video, and to provide more convenient ways of styling and programmatic extensions. This renewed effort is made possible by generous support of the University of Twente, that uses the ximpel interactive video platform in the creative technology curriculum ...

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