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Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant says, "The Nature Totem of Stag is available to some members of the Serenwilde commune, and is the required totem of the Hartstone druid guild. White Hart, the collective spirit of the stags, grants skills associated with the stag until at the very highest level allows taking on the stagform itself."
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Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant says, "Once you have finished reading that book, perhaps you would like to take a look at another one of our texts?"

The thundering sound of hooves in the distance echoes through the room as you open a leatherbound tome to a page marked 'Stag':

StagHide            The warm hide of the stag protects you.
  • Master  0%
  • Syntax: STAGHIDE
    Damage Modifier: variable depending on skill level, max of 30
    Covering yourself with a warm stag hide, you will be protected against extreme cold.
TotemCarve          Carve trees into totem poles.
  • Master  0%
  • Syntax: TOTEMCARVE <tree>
    Power:  10 (Mother Moonhart)
    When a mystic tree of your commune becomes an elder, you may call upon the powers of nature to transform it into a living totem, which will remain standing for a year and a day before reverting back to an elder tree. Living totems cannot be chopped down. The type of power depends on what commune the tree to carve is associated with.
    When carving a totem, power will first attempt to be drawn from a wielded powerstone, then your personal reserve, and then finally your active power.
GreenMan            A ceremony to help recovery of will and endurance.
  • Master 33%
    Tints Required: greentint 2
    This ceremony will paint the representation of the Greenman on your face, which will help speed in the recovery of your will and endurance. To remove any facepaint, you must WIPE FACE. To wipe a specific facepaint, WIPE FACE <paint>.
Bonding             Bond with the commune's totem poles.
  • Master 66%
  • Syntax: TOTEM BOND
            TOTEM RELEASE
            TOTEM SENSE
            TOTEM RENEW
            TOTEM CARETAKER <druid|NONE>
    Power: 8 (Mother Moonhart) (to bond)
           1 (Mother Moonhart) (to renew)
    You may bond with a totem pole for a year and a day. You may also release the bond to your totem before that. Sense will show you how many months remain before your bond expires. Renewing will renew your bond to your totem for one additional month, up to a maximum of a year.
    You may assign a Druid caretaker for your totem, which will allow them to affix runes to the totem and tune it as though it were their own. If you are a Druid, sense will also show you the locations of any totems for which you are the caretaker.
RingWalk            Your inner stag will walk the sacred ring around you.
  • Gifted  0%
  • Syntax: RINGWALK
    The ringwalk is the sacred run of White Hart, which you can create in any location. The stag spirit within will circle in a ring around you, giving a slight chance of blocking anyone from exiting. This chance will increase if you are in stag form and stacks with other stags also walking the ring. Those who specialize in the Stag Totem are immune from this effect.
StagStomp           When someone is down, keep them down.
  • Gifted 33%
  • Syntax: STAGSTOMP <target>
    Power: 4 (Mother Moonhart)
           2 (Mother Moonhart) if in STAGFORM
    If someone is prone, you may stomp on them, knocking out their wind. They will be forced to concentrate before being able to gain equilibrium. There is a chance of breaking your target's legs while stomping. If you have the STAGFORM skill, you may stagstomp at a reduced power cost.
TrueHeart           A ceremony to strengthen and protect the ego.
  • Gifted 66%
    Tints Required: yellowtint 2
    This ceremony will paint rays of sunshine upon your face, which will increase your ability of Influence and further resist attempts to command you 50% of the time, this includes cosmic beings' attempts to beckon you. You cannot have both Trueheart and Greenman painted on our face at the same time. To remove any facepaint, you must WIPE FACE. To wipe a specific facepaint, WIPE FACE <paint>.
Bellow              Stun your enemies with a mighty stag's bellow.
  • Expert  0%
  • Syntax: BELLOW <target>
    The bellow of White Hart is truly a fearsome sound, so much in fact that it will stun everyone in your location to whom it is directed at. You may target a specific individual using the first syntax, or you may direct it to all your personal enemies using the second syntax. To those that you target the bellow, the strong focus of sound will cause even the most deaf to hear once again.
Pacing              The ability to anticipate and keep pace with others.
  • Expert 33%
  • Syntax: PACE <target>
    Nothing can out pace White Hart and he will grant this ability to you so, making you follow a person even if they try to sprint or gallop away.
Parade              Your mystic antlers will cause admiration in others.
  • Expert 66%
  • Syntax: PARADE <target>
    Power: 1 (Mother Moonhart)
           0 (Mother Moonhart) if in STAGFORM
    Your antlers are so magnificent that you can parade them before another, impressing that person so much that he or she will be forced to add you to their list of allies. If you have the STAGFORM skill, you may parade more quickly and at no power cost.
Bolting             Turn up your tail and flee your enemies.
  • Virtuoso  0%
  • Syntax: BOLTING ON/OFF
    Your senses are heightened by White Hart against predators, so you will immediately bolt when one of your enemies approaches.
Lightning           A ceremony to increase your equilibrium.
  • Virtuoso 33%
    Tints Required: bluetint 2
    This ceremony will paint jagged bolts of blue lightning along your cheeks, forehead and chin. Your equilibrium recovery will be quicker, but your balance recovery will be slower. To remove any facepaint, you must WIPE FACE. To wipe a specific facepaint, WIPE FACE <paint>.
TotemReturn         Return to your bonded totem pole.
  • Virtuoso 66%
  • Syntax: TOTEM RETURN
    Power: *variable (Mother Moonhart)
    If you are bonded to a totem, you may return to it from any known plane. The further away the plane, the longer it takes to travel back. The only planes this power works is as follows:
           Prime Plane: 0 power
           Ethereal Plane: 2 power
           Elemental Plane: 4 power
           Cosmic Plane: 6 power
           Astral Plane: 8 power
HeadButt            Knock your opponent out of the room.
  • Fabled  0%
  • Syntax: HEADBUTT <target> <direction>
    White Hart has blessed you with the ability to headbutt a target out of a room which as well knocks them off balance. If you have the STAGFORM skill, this balance loss is increased.
SwiftStripes        A ceremony to increase your speed.
  • Fabled 33%
    Tints Required: redtint 2
    This ceremony will paint red war stripes along your cheeks, forehead and chin. Your balance recovery will be quicker, but your equilibrium recovery will be slower. You cannot have both Swiftstripes and Lightning painted on your face at the same time. To remove any facepaint, you must WIPE FACE. To wipe a specific facepaint, WIPE FACE <paint>.
MedicineBag         A blend of herbs that heal your wounds.
  • Fabled 66%
            TOUCH <medicinebag>
            RUB <medicinebag> ON <LEGS|ARMS|GUT|CHEST|HEAD>
    Power: 8 (Mother Moonhart)
    The medicine bag is a powerful healing gift from White Hart. Touching it will heal you and it can be re-used (according to your skill in Stag) up to 50 times. Rubbing it against your limbs will cure some wounding damage.
Sacrifice           Sacrifice yourself for the benefit of your allies.
  • Mythical  0%
    Power: 10 (Mother Moonhart)
    This powerful ability embodies the self-sacrificing nature of the White Hart. Using it you may either choose to sacrifice your own health and well-being for a singular person, in which case you will be severely weakened, or for an entire area, in which case you will have to give up your life.
    When sacrificing for an area, your blood will flow through that area, granting all your allies in that area increased health and vitality as well as occasional curing for one full hour.
    When sacrificing for an individual, you will sacrifice half of your health and vitality which will be transferred to your recipient. This lasts so long as you both are in the same local area. If the recipient of your sacrifice dies, you will also immediately die.
StagTotem           Your bonded totem will heal your afflictions.
  • Mythical 33%
    Power: 5 (Mother Moonhart)
    This ability will allow you to call out to White Hart, asking him to provide you with a spirit totem in your location, which will heal you and your allies, restore your mana and cure you all of random afflictions occasionally. This spirit totem will gradually wane, its weight and ties to the material realm fading as it uses its power, until it disappears entirely.
AncestralCurse      Call upon your ancestors to curse others.
  • Mythical 66%
    Power: 8 (Mother Moonhart)
    Nothing is more powerful than calling down the curse of your ancestors upon those who have transgressed against you. The spirits will rise up out of the ground and plague your enemies with their many curses. It is only castable on the ground and in the trees, and it will affect both.

    -NOTE: The sicknesses that AncestralCurse afflicts with include addiction, clumsiness, impatience, paranoia, and recklessness.
StagForm            Take on the form of the stag.
  • Transcendent  0%
  • Syntax: STAGFORM
            GORE <target>
            ENVENOM ANTLERS WITH <poison>
    Power: 10 (Mother Moonhart) for STAGFORM
            2 (Mother Moonhart) for GORE
    Damage Type: 100% Cutting
    Damage Source: Brute Physical
    Perhaps the greatest gift of White Hart is granting you his mantle of power. When taking on the form of the stag, you will gain health regeneration, increased dexterity, and the horns of a mighty stag. The powerful GORE attack not only does significant damage but it has a chance of impaling a target. If they are below a quarter of their health when impaled, death is ensured. Being in stagform also gives you the gift of celerity, allowing you to move further than others before you become too hasty for your own good.