~The Hall of Written Histories~

100h, 100m ex-
You follow Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant up to The Hall of Written Histories.
100h, 100m ex-ql
The Hall of Written Histories.
Weeky Peedia, a venerable old badger furrikin, stands here with pockets stuffed full of books and scrolls.
You may use the LIBRARY commands here.
You see exits leading north, northeast, east, south, west, northwest, and down.
100h, 100m ex-
Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant says, "This is the Hall of Written Histories. Carefully maintained here are actual transcripts of the histories which define the heritage of the Basin of Life. Perhaps you will find what you seek here, unless you wish to go back to the main hall?"

Looking around, you find polished bronze nameplates placed above the archways to the various halls, each carefully engraved to show the known planes of existence: