~Beastmastery Creatures~

100h, 100m ex-say What kind of beasts can we tame??
You ask, "What kind of beasts can we tame?"
100h, 100m ex-
Tapping his nose absentmindedly, Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant says, "Hmm, what a curious question, but I do believe that I might just have the right reference for you..."
100h, 100m ex-
Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant rummages around in the variety of scrolls hastily stuffed in his pockets before pulling one out and bringing it close to his rapidly failing eyesight for a look.
100h, 100m ex-
Handing you a well-aged scroll, Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant says, "Now do be mindful when reading that and handle it carefully! Now...did you have any other questions?"

Unfurling a well-aged scroll carefully, you open the document to find:
  • Inherent Abilities: Flight, MinorBreath (Gas), Spellcasting (HypnoticGaze)
  • Location: The Czigany Wayfaire
  • Cost: 50 db
  • Inherent Abilities: Poison
  • Location: The Czigany Wayfaire
  • Cost: 25 db


  • Inherent Abilities: Flight, Balancing
  • Location: The Faethorn Realm
  • Cost: 186,000 gp


    • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Gust, Flight
      • Location: The Czigany Wayfaire
        • Cost: 25 db

        Beast: Mammoth

        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Trample
        • Location: The Caverns of Hhuhur
        • Cost: 306,000 gp


        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Battle, Flight
        • Location: The Tainted Plane of Nil
        • Cost: 106,000 gp


        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Flight, Gallop
        • Location: The Cosmic Plane of Celestia
        • Cost: 131,000 gp

        Beast: Pony

        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Influence (Begging)
        • Location: The Village of Estelbar
        • Cost: 6,000 gp

        Beast: Rhino

        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Gallop, Battle, Armour
        • Location: The Base of Operations
        • Cost: 500,000 gp

        BeastSnow Phoenix

        • Inherent Abilities: Flight, MinorBreath (Cold), Spellcasting (Reflection)
        • Location: The Czigany Wayfaire
        • Cost: 50 db

        Beast: Spider

        • Inherent Abilities: Spellcasting (HypnoticGaze)
        • Location: The Village of Angkrag
        • Cost: 306,000 gp

        Beast: Stallion or Mare

        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Gallop
        • Location: The Village of Stewartsville
        • Cost: 5,000 gp
        Beast: War Goat
        • Inherent Abilities: Kick
        • Location: The Village of Southgard
        • Cost: 83,500 gp
        Beast: Wyvern
        • Inherent Abilities: Mount, Flight
        • Location: Mount Zoaka
        • Cost: 63,500 gp
        Guild SpecialCrow (Blacktalon)
        • Inherent Abilities: Flight, BlackLung
        • Ability: Druidry Totem (Blacktalon)
        Guild SpecialDragon Turtle (Aquamancers)
        • Inherent Abilities: WaterGlide, Swimming, MinorBreath (Steam)
        • Ability: Aquamancy Turtle
        Guild Special: Phoenix (Pyromancers)
        • Inherent Abilities: Flight, MinorBreath (Fire with ablaze side effect)
        • Ability: Pyromancy Phoenix
        Guild SpecialStag (Hartstone)
        • Inherent Abilities: Heal (Health), TreeToss
        • Ability: Druidry Totem (Hartstone)
        Guild SpecialTaint Wyrm (Geomancers)
        • Inherent Abilities: Burrow, DigUp, MinorBreath (Gas)
        • Ability: Geomancy Wyrm
        Guild Special: Thunderbird (Aeromancers)
        • Inherent Abilities: Flight, MinorBreath (Electric with epilepsy side effect)
        • Ability: Aeromancy Thunderbird
        Order Special: Hydra (Morgfyre)
        • Inherent Abilities: Chameleon, Influence (Weaken), Scale, Poison
        • Location: The Realm of the Ouroboros
        • Cost: 25 db
        Order Special: Serpent (Eventru)
        • Inherent Abilities: Swim, Dive, Heal (Health), Cure (Spirit)
        • Location: The Blessed Isle
        • Cost: 25 db
        Order Special: Worg (Shikari)
        • Inherent Abilities: Battle, Aggressive, Armour, Bodyguard
        • Location: The Proving Grounds
        • Cost: 25 db