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The Tank Project

  • Navigate arround being remote controlled by someone on another computer
Output Devices:
  • 2 Servos
  • 2 Drills' Motors
  • Arduino Duemilanove
Power Sources:
  • 2 12V Drills' Batteries
After seeing the tank tracks that amando96 did for hisAATV, me and my friend Purdom, decided to build our own tank.
We've started building it last Saturday and here are the first movies and photos.
The tracks are really good and easy to make, they just take a lot of pacience.
It uses two 15€ drills' motors, but instead of an metal chassis our has a wooden one.
We use a netbook on the robot just as Calex64 uses on hisPROTOS III to reduce the costs and to facilitate the comunications.
On the controller PC we have a processing application that sends an information of a key we press over an ad hoc wireless network, on the robot PC we have an other application that intrepretates the information and sends it to the arduino that decides what command gives to the servos witch move the switches that control the motors.