About Me


My name is Francisco Dias and I'm a student from Lisbon, Portugal, born in 1994.

Since I was a little kid, I always enjoyed to create new things and understand how things work. I love everything related to electricity, mechanics, computers, electronics and technology in general. Back in 2009, I participated in a robotics event, where I built my first robot and gave my first steps in robotics.

In late 2009, while making some research I found one of the friendliest communities of robot builders of the World - Let's Make Robots - and decided to start making my own robots. So, since April 2010, I have created many robots, the ones I liked the most were the ones which I could use with my computer. Some months ago, I also found a very nice Portuguese forum, where I've been learning and helping others as well.

How I learned everything from the internet, I chosen to share what I have been doing, so I created this site to post all my creations and tutorials, done occasionally do to help others doing things which I found difficult.

Currently I'm a 12th grade student in the area of Science and Technology, studying subjects as maths and physics, between others.

I've participated in several robotics-related challenges and contests. I was the 3rd place in Autonomous Driving (Rookies) competition at FNR 2011, competition in which I participated with Francisco Purdom by invitation of IdMind and Artica.
On the Instructables contests, I was the winner of the Best Video prize at National Robotics Week Robot Contest (Category: 13 - 18) and 3rd Place at Wicked Lasers Contest.