Welcome to my homepage !


      R&D Engineering Consultant

      Applied Mathematics and Information Technology for Research and Development

      Building Energy, Chemical & Food Process, Mechanics, System Biology

      Paris Region, France

        Email :  xiao_dong.li@yahoo.fr

      Phone :  +33 (0)6 85 50 90 07


I am R&D Engineering Consultant with strong knowledges in mathematical modelling, computer simulation and data analysis, optimization and control theory.

I devote myself to R&D for almost 5 years, through different projects with applications such as building energy efficiency, chemical engineering, mechanical system and system biology.

I accomplished my missions with teammates and I have been in contact with industrial or public partners in order to offer innovative and practical solutions.

I have also developed a simulator and participated in development of a toolbox and a HCI in some collaborative projects.

Today I am looking for a challenge which allows to deploy technical solutions while keeping in touch with clients.