Comedy or Someting Like It 

Xian Lee's Forays Into the Land of Humor  

Here is where you will find my little attempts at humor in webcomic form.  Expect everything from mindless to deeply nerdy, and everything from lighthearted to highly satirical.  I have no intention to hide my faith in Christ, and some of my comics may come right out and deal with Christian topics (from a Christian angle).  Other comics may be having a laugh at some bizarre programming practice or even cats.  For now, these comics are created and drawn by me, but that might change in the future.

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At long last, a new comic is posted!  I usually feel like at least one of these two guys.  Without further delay, I give you "1/2 at^2."



It's time for my newest comic.  In honor of PyWeek 4, I present you with "The Programmer's Code."

A new comic has been created (Hopeless).  Here it is.


For now, enjoy my first two webcomics (Nice Car and Intermediate?)!