Nationality: China

中文名字: 滕相斌

Xiangbin Teng

Postdoctoral Researcher

Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Department of Neuroscience

Address: Grüneburgweg 14, 60322, Frankfurt am Main

Email: xiangbin dot teng AT gmail dot com

Education and Work Experience:

  • Postdoc researcher 03/2017 – onwards Max Planck Institute for empirical aesthetics
  • Visiting scholar 01/2017 – 02/2017 New York University Shanghai
  • 09/2011-01/2017 New York University (Ph.D in Psychology, Advisor: David Poeppel)
  • 09/2008-07/2012 Peking University (Master in Psychology, Advisor: Liang Li)
  • 09/2003-07/2007 Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Bachelor in Chemistry)

Research: I use psychophysics, MEG/EEG, fMRI, and computational modeling to study audition system:

  • Speech Perception and Auditory Processing
  • Multi-scale Temporal Processing
  • Cortical Oscillation
  • Functional Imaging of the Auditory Cortex


  1. Teng, X., Sun, Y., & Poeppel, D. (2018). Temporal order judgment reveals local-global auditory processes. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 104(5), 817-820. (PDF)
  2. Teng, X., Tian, X., Doelling, K., & Poeppel, D. (2018). Theta band oscillations reflect more than entrainment: behavioral and neural evidence demonstrates an active chunking process. European Journal of Neuroscience, 48(8), 2770-2782. (PDF)
  3. Teng, X., Tian, X., Rowland, J., & Poeppel, D. (2017). Concurrent temporal channels for auditory processing: Oscillatory neural entrainment reveals segregation of function at different scales. PLoS biology, 15(11), e2000812. (PDF)
  4. Teng, X., Tian, X., & Poeppel, D. (2016). Testing multi-scale processing in the auditory system. Scientific reports, 6, 34390. (PDF)
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  6. Wu, M., Li, H., Gao, Y., Lei, M., Teng, X., Wu, X., & Li, L. (2012). Adding irrelevant information to the content prime reduces the prime-induced unmasking effect on speech recognition. Hearing research, 283(1-2), 136-143.


  • MEG/EEG, fMRI, and Psychophysics
  • Matlab, Python, Julia
  • Signal processing

Ad Hoc Reviewing

  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • European Journal of Neuroscience
  • Plos Computational Biology
  • PNAS
  • Plos One
  • Journal of Neurolinguistics