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               Cluck Cluck in a Garden  -  gluten free
organic greens, fresh veggies, feta, dried cranberries, candied nuts, 
balsamic vinagrette -14.95

                                       House Salad  -  gluten free - vegetarian
organic mixed greens, blue cheese, candied
walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette
half - 6.95
full - 11.95

Grilled Caesar Salad 
with aged, grated parmesan, spicy caesar dressing
and homemade garlic croutons
half - 6.95
full - 11.95

Chilled Beet Salad - gluten free - vegetarian
golden beets, organic greens, candied walnuts, goat cheese, 
balsamic reduction and dill oil
half - 7.95
full - 12.95
Herb and Berry Salad - gluten free - vegetarian
torn basil, organic greens, fresh berries, candied walnuts and feta crumbles - 12.95

Gyro Salad 
local, grass fed new york steak, organic mixed greens, cucumber,
garlic croutons, feta, avocado, and dill crema - 15.95
                Chicken Salad Salad -  gluten free - seasonal
organic chicken salad with fresh dill and celery, atop fresh romaine, 
with gluten free chips and grapes - 13.95

Add Ons
fried potatoes - 3.95
double smoked bacon - 3.95
fresh avocado - 2.95
sauteed mushrooms - 4.95 
organic chicken breast - 5.95
3 large tiger shrimp -  6.95
grilled salmon - 7.95
organic quinoa - 4.95
organically raised new york steak - 6.95
filet mignon - 12.95

spice plate - no charge


Pork Tenderloin
grilled medallions with fried potatoes,
fresh thyme, and veal demi mustard sauce - 17.95

Lemon Dill Salmon
wild pacific salmon, lemon dill caper broth, 
mushrooms,tomatoes, ciabatta toast points - 18.95

Peach Pollo
organic chicken breast, peach reduction, cilantro lime rice,
cajun brussels sprouts - 17.95

Green Curry Mahi
wild mahi, with thai quinoa and green curry sauce -18.95

Lighter Fare

Cajun Brussels Sprouts -  gluten free
lightly fried, with peach dipping sauce - 5.95

Mahi Cake  -  gluten free - seasonal
wild mahi, potatoes, thyme, shallot, garlic, organic greens,
with lemon dill caper sauce - 7.95

Spicy Hummus Plate - vegetarian
homemade hummus with grilled pita, fresh tomatoes, english cucumber,
topped with a touch of chili garlic sauce 
half - 7.95
full - 13.95

Forage - vegetarian
a blend of mushrooms, fresh herbs and garlic, goat cheese, balsamic reduction and grilled pita - 10.95

Pita Pizza (Choice of)

Bruschetta - homemade pesto, tomato, forage mushrooms, dill havarti - 10.95
Greek - olive tapenade, tomato, feta, onion, organic chicken breast - 12.95

Lavash and Tapenade - vegetarian
our homemade tapenade with black olives, herbs and capers,
with middle eastern crackerbread - 5.95

Main Fare

Xetava Ciabatta  
choice of turkey or ham, melted dill havarti, fresh veggies, 
and a side of fried potatoes - 11.95
Veggie Ciabatta  vegetarian
melted dill havarti, fresh veggies, homemade walnut pesto, hummus, 
and a side of fried potatoes - 11.95

Steak Gyro 
local, organically raised beef, feta, and dill crema in a toasted pita
with a side of grapes - 15.95

Cajun Gyro
louisiana sausage, jumbo shrimp, fresh veggies, melted pepperjack
in a toasted pita with a side of grapes - 15.95

Butter Poached Salmon Tacos
wild salmon poached in butter, served in flour tortillas with homemade slaw 
and a side of cilantro lime rice and lime wedges - 15.95

Chicken Caesar Wrap
organic chicken breast, romaine, spicy caesar dressing in a wrap,
toasted with aged parmesan, and a side of grapes - 12.95


Kayenta Burger
1/2 lb. local, organically raised beef, melted cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato, 
and a side of fried potatoes - 14.95

Xetava Classic Burger
1/2 lb. local, organically raised beef, sweet pepper, homemade slaw,
avocado and melted dill havarti, and a side of fried potatoes - 14.95

Bacon Blue Burger
1/2 lb. local, organically raised beef, blue cheese sauce, 
smoked bacon and forage mushrooms, and a side of fried potatoes - 15.95

Forage Burger
forage mushrooms, avocado mash, homemade slaw
and dill havarti, and a side of fried potatoes - 13.95