Xenakios Softwares

If you came to this page looking for Reaper Xenakios commands plugin, it is now part of SWS extension hosted at

You can also take a look at the SWS extension plugin googlecode project, where the the plugin source code is available for viewing and downloading via SVN.

So, what's up, why this change? Well, I felt I wasn't enjoying maintaining my Reaper extension code very actively anymore. However, it would have been
a great pity to leave the things completely unmaintained and the source code rot closed. So SWS kindly took on to merge my code with his code, clean and adapt my code and
put it up at googlecode. I may occasionally put in fixes and little additions to the extension source code, so you can ask me for fixes and features, but I won't promise I will
get to doing them urgently or at all. Donations might help in that regard...  :-) I also might do some new things as Reaper extensions in the future, but currently I have 
been programming-wise busy mostly with things not related to Reaper.