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Trái Tim Bé Bỏng

Year        2007
Length   84 min
Genre     Drama

Director | Nguyễn Thanh Vân

Writing | Quang Lap Nguyen

Production Co | Vietnam Feature Film Studio

Awards | Prize of Jury for Feature Film
                    16th Vietnam Film Festival (2009)

                    Golden Kite Awards for Best Film,
                        Best Actress, and Best Music


Somewhere far away in the heart of Central Vietnam, there stands a remote village dusting itself against the surrounding hundreds of sand dunes and the feelings of seclusion and hopelessness. Many of its teens find themselves dreaming of leaving this sad village, thirsting for an exciting city life with colors and opportunities.

Only a few of these dreamers actually make it to the city of Saigon. 17-year-old Mai considers herself "lucky", leaving behind all her struggles, all her memories, all her loved ones, including her dear teenage boyfriend, Den, who is a year older. She thought she had found a very promising career in embroidery work with some special arrangements from a broker. Unfortunately, life is not as simple as that. She soon realizes that she had fallen into a very subtle web of brothel operations. And in this chaotic, strange city with no one to turn to, she surrenders to prostitution and eventually the awful disease that comes with that life.

Meanwhile, Minh, Mai's 15-year-old sister, is completely unaware of what had been going on with her sister in Saigon and was dreaming about joining her sister there as well… As soon as Mai knows of Minh's intentions, she leaves the city immediately to go back her village to stop Minh… The drama eventually unfolds when Mai gets back to her home village. This is where the lovers, Mai and Den, meet again. This is where the woman broker, who has been seducing young girls with promises of exciting city work dwells. Has it been all worth the dream of glamorous city life?

Mai 16 tuổi ở một vùng quê cát nghèo, cô quyết tâm ra thành phố để kiếm sống và trở thành gái điếm.

Minh em Mai ở nhà với nỗi khắc khoải mong ngóng một ngày cũng được ra thành phố như chị để thực hiện khát vọng đổi đời.

Khi biết mình bị Sida, Mai đã quyết tâm trở về để ngăn Minh không bước nhầm vào con đường cô đã đi.

Cô đã trở về làng, nhưng chuyến xe ngược chiều lại đang chở Minh ra thành phố ...Trái tim bé bỏng đặt ra dấu hỏi lớn cho xã hội của chúng ta: con đường nào cho khát vọng đổi đời của những người trẻ ở mỗi làng quê nghèo?