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  mo0ncake is a collection of videos having anything to do with Vietnam and Vietnamese people.  All videos, photos, and  info are found elsewhere, mostly from youtube, hulu, imdb, and wikipedia.  All videos are linked/embedded from other online sources.  No videos have been uploaded to, nor does host any videos.

I am a Vietnamese American with an interest in Vietnam so I want to make it easier for people like myself to find these videos.  There are similar websites out there but they cater mostly to those who can read Vietnamese.  Unfortunately, this website is rather bare at the moment.  Updates will be slow, because I do have a job and other priorities. 

Ở đây, bạn có thế xem những phim gì về nườc Việt Nam và người Việt.  Xin lỗi nhe, mình đăng lên ít phim quá.  Mình hơi bận vì công việc.  Thông cảm cho mình nhe!

Newest Additions:

8/19/12: Mùi Đu Đủ Xanh
7/08/12: Trái Tim Bé Bỏng
6/27/12: Bước Nhảy Thiên Thần