By going here you found my list of CB hollies. I have always tried to find CB Holly owners so I could ask for some eggs. Of course most of them are either not active, or will kill you if you bother them. So this is just for reference. If you use this list to bother the owners constantly, I will hide this page.
So, I think I've figured out that there are at the very least 12 cb hollies not on this list so ... yea xD

Since I am a holly fanatic, and probably have one of the largest collection of known hollies, I'm just going to provide some simple stats ...
 23 ♀ Hollies, that I know of
 56 ♂ Hollies, that I know of

CB Original Hollies

Arcadi [Dw31]
Ayci [ayci]
Christmas Lullaby [SAWr]
Deoc Thuwed [8IlA]
Drache's Celyno [qH1r]
Feliz Navidad Dragon [n3n6]
Festive [8WSj]
Hollyberry [eDWx]
Jolly [ZMVG]
Joyeux [78z4]
No L [EytG]
Oroku Shikatta [hEPc]
Saint Holly [PAvG]
Sabola [JmoA]
Spiked Ilex Opaca [Ftfu]

[7X79] - Wild holly T-T - Born in 2009 ???
[aUFf] - Once Known As: Kane Den Evige
[B9As] - Once Known As: Christmas
[bVC5]  - Once Known As: Pride N Joy
[C9hm]  - Once Known As: Santa - Deceased As of Jan 21, 2013 ... and apparently doesn't want to give up it's name and disappear xD
[qHRT] - Once Known As: Sinterklaas
[j4Ou] - Once Known As: Mistlepine

And maybe a few more ... I have to find them again xD As you can tell, most of these hollies aren't very common in lineages. If you happen to find one that is not on this list and not an honorable mention holly, please pm me! Why must some of these owners be unable to receive messages! It pains me to see a holly I can't get an egg from. T-T

  Tree Decorating Contest Winners!

Honorable Mentions 2010 (Or other holly section =P)
14/16 Out of 20
[6mOm] - Holly ♂
Dragus Alcibiades [Alc1] - Holly ♂
Supreme Snowman [snow] - Holly ♂
Christmas in February [tf02] - Holly ♂
Safeguarded [WOOO] - Holly ♂
Kokoro Aibou [yyxy] - Holly ♂

Jinglebella [Bell] - Holly ♀
HM Nerys' holi [holi] - Holly ♀
Holliness [Holy] - Holly ♀
Lady Prydonian [Time] - Holly ♀
[UTV0] - Holly ♀
Filimeala Cuileann [yule] - Holly ♀
Honorable Mention Christmas [Zibl] - Holly ♀

Shadowed Marek Ashkore [noir] - Alt Black ♂

Possible HM Dragons
i2EV - GoN ♀
OaRb - GoN ♂

It's going to be a pain to find these, so if you know one, please TELL ME. xD

2011 XMas Dragon Winners! Christmas Wreath Raffle

Same conditions apply as above. I'm only adding the holly winners as the other prize winners are mentioned in the wiki

Hans De Holic [RQ2Sl] Holly ♂
[Jinsu]  Holly ♂
[DrWho] Holly ♂
Mueta Holiday DESIAN CB [Mueta] - Holly ♂
[Night] - Holly ♂
[Jinni] - Holly ♂
Dream of Christmas [VpIMA] - Holly ♂
Xcion Zenon [1Su4A] - Holly ♂
[D7Ya6] - Holly ♀

2012 winners - The Baking Event Raffle winners ^^

Rodan D'Houx [Rodan] - Holly ♂
[HOLLY] - Holly ♂
Holiday Drugs [Drugs] - Holly ♂
A k a t o s h [Hahnu] - Holly ♂

Lotus of Christmisunderstandings [holly] - Holly ♀
Ash Luluris [Ashes] - Holly ♀

2013 winners - Snow Wars Champions!

Il Mentore Ezio Auditore [Sages] - Holly ♂
Mirthful King [Cheer] - Holly ♂
[Santa] - Holly ♂
[Orion] - Holly ♂

Lady Holly Wing [HwkEy] - Holly ♀
Mystik Peace [Peace] - Holly ♀
Holly Go [4xr9t] - Holly ♀
Wreath of Holly [h0lli] - Holly ♀
Holly Dreamdancer [JxfIP] - Holly ♀
[Kline] - Holly ♀

Dream on Dreamer I [VFrOo] - Soul Peace ♂
Winya [Winya] - Hellhorse ♀
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