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Rainbow Holiday

So ... um ... yes, I'm going to do more rainbow lineages. I have to do something so that I don't lose interest in the game, and lineages are the easiest way to accomplish that, sooo ... yeah. xD I'm going to do another 7 rainbow lineages! WOOO!!
Yes, I'm insane. xD  I'm going to alternate between christmas and valentine dragons, provided that the colors go from red to pink well enough. Otherwise, I will use the best combination to accomplish that. My best guess is that with all 8 combined, I will be able to reach a 9th gen rainbow lineage. ^-^
Each rainbow block will aim to have different dragons, with the exception of orange. There are just not enough orange dragons in the game. So, I will alternate between using magis and red copper dragons for orange dragons. I will put the layout here for what dragons will be used for which holiday, and what color will start that rainbow block. ... It'll make more sense later. At the moment, I don't want to explain it. xD

Heartseeker - Orange Start

Red            Flamingo
Orange       Red Copper
Yellow        Pillow
Green         Bright Breasted Wyvern
Blue           Guardian
Dark Blue   Royal Blue
Purple        Purple Ridgewing
White         Black Tip -> Changed to Lumina

Wrapping Wing - Yellow Start
Sorry for the small size. I can't make it an appropriate size. I can only make it super large or super small.

Red           Carmine
Orange       Cassare
Yellow        Brimstone
Green         Fever
Blue           Bleeding Moon
Dark Blue   Avatar of Creation
Purple        Brute
White        Frostbite

Valentine 09
Radiant Angel **

** = Temporary holiday dragon, until a more appropriate one arrives