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Perfect Crimson Flare

Well, it finally happened! I've grown insane! Well, more insane than usual. xD
I'm following another member's lead, Ponytales, and going to try to make a 12th gen purebred crimson flare. ^^  A long time ago, Ponytales had the idea to do this with pinks, and seeing that I'm a pink enthusiast myself, I was rooting for her. Well, recently, I realized that I don't have much to really work for in the game, and that crimson flares are currently and will (hopefully) always be my favorite dragon, this will be a great project to try to invest in.
Just a few issues with that though. I need 2048 cb crimson flare pygmies in order to accomplish this. xD  Well, to accomplish this by myself, which I do. :P
Sooooo, I'm going to put markers here to keep track of my progress. ^^
O-O I just did the calculations, and by the end, I will have at least 4095 crimson flares just by doing this project ... welp ... guess if you need flares, all you need to do is find me. xD
The reasoning behind the surnames is that I read a few stories by someone online that were sort of based on native americans. Within the story, they used several Cherokee words, which got me interested in looking up more to use so I can name my dragons. I found a place that gives a huge list of Cherokee words and well, here is some I will be using to distinguish between each generation. Hope it doesn't bother anyone that I use them ... and I hope to reach Usquanigodi. xD

Current CB Adult Count:
Total        376
As of Jan 13, 2015

[x] 1 to start things off xD   Surnames - CBs don't require surnames, however I've taken to using Svnalei (Morning) for them
[x] 2 for 2nd gen                Asgitisdi (dream)
[x] 4 for 3rd gen                 Gohiyudi (faith)
[x] 8 for 4th gen                 Duyuyodv (honesty)
[x] 16 for 5th gen               Adadoligi (blessing)
[x] 32 for 6th gen               Nvwadohiyada (peace)
[x] 64 for 7th gen               Igohida (eternity)
[x] 128 for 8th gen              Vlenitohv (life)
[x] 256 for 9th gen              Anidawehi (angel)
[-] 512 for 10th gen             Adanvdo (spirit)
[-] 1024 for 11th gen           Nulistanitolv (legend)
[-] 2048 for 12th gen           Usquanigodi (miracle)