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Epic Project

As some might already know, on the dragon cave forums there is a breeding project/lineage called the Epic Even-Gen Project. Here, many of the even gen breeders got together to contribute part of their personal lineages to a single dragon. It was no surprise that the list for people willing to join skyrocketed in a matter of minutes. Everyone among the members were divided into groups of four, and I happen to be in Team Cornflower. We trade among our groups and eventually, we hope to reach a 10th gen dragon.
Here is a better explanation about the project, as my explanation can't compare to theirs. xD
At some point, the project was still at a standstill for several months. Around January 2013, it got started again. However, we needed to replace several members in several teams. I volunteered to replace someone, and that's how I'm member of both Cornflower and Forest. :)

So, there is where I will be presenting my Epic dragons for both teams ^^

Silver Present                2nd gen
 - Silver Present is one of the many glitched metals of dragcave. When the yulebuck dragons were first capable to breed, they were able to produce metals eggs. Normally, this wouldn't happen, as rare dragons would immediately refuse any rare dragon. That is, until TJ decided to add Rare x Rare breeding.
Epic Elder Orleanna      2nd gen
Epic Pascal de Kirjava   3rd gen
Epic Elder Ruth May      3rd gen
Epic Elder Anatole         4th gen
Epic Elder Leah             4th gen
Epic Elder Carwyn         5th gen
Epic Elder Eirwen          5th gen
Epic Elder Gotama        6th gen
Epic Elder Kamala         6th gen
Epic Elder Jordy            7th gen
Epic Elder Jacqueline    7th gen
Epic Elder Sean             8th gen
Epic Elder Julianne        8th gen
Epic Elder Dania           9th gen

Epic Eloise                    7th gen
Epic Timothy                  7th gen
Epic Nessy                    8th gen
[ZIZjs]                            8th gen

For those curious about the names I've chosen, most of them reflect books I've read at the time. Orleanna, Pascal, Ruth May, Anatole, and Leah were inspired by the book "The Poisonwood Bible." Gotama and Kamala were inspired by the book "Siddhartha."  Jordy and Jacqueline are the names of my two little siblings. Carwyn and Eirwyn were just random names I decided to use. Sean and Julianne are again from a story I read. Dania is the name of a cousin.

Lost Epic Dragons
The lost Epic dragons are dragons from my scroll that were originally part of the main lineage, but I decided to change it. As such, I decided to call them the "Lost Epic Elders".

Lost Epic Elder Angel Anatole - 4th gen
After several failed attempts to breed Silver Present and his old mate Elder Angel Rose, I decided it was time to change my 2nd gens for the project. Because of that, I could no longer use this Anatole in the project.
(Lost) Epic Elder Hikaru - 6th gen
Since I've had so much luck breeding with daydreams, I would have preferred to continue using daydreams in the project. Because of that, I bred Hikaru's parents until I got one.
Epic Elder's Swan Song - 8th gen
I failed to get my other 8th gen to gender correctly with Swan Song, so I had to rebreed for a different gender. Fortunately, the replacement was a daydream, so ... I'm happy xD