Hi! As you can probably guess, I'm XDLugia. Here is where I will try to put information about my scroll, projects, and breeding requests.If you happen to see image boxes in the different pages, it's probably because google sites glitched on me and forced me to insert the images again and didn't allow me to remove the empty boxes.

Since this is also the welcome page, I guess I can say a few things about myself. As you can probably tell, there is a big ol' wall of text ahead.

For one thing, I am a guy. Shocking, isn't it. =P
Since there are a few people who have asked me before, I'll talk about my username first. My username was created from a few combination of things. The first reason is that I love the pokemon Lugia. Going on that, I also love Pokemon XD, whose main pokemon is Lugia. The other reason for my name is that I used to be part of a pokemon forum, and my username there was XDLugia. The reason I like it is mainly because I've always had a fascination of flying, despite my fear of tall places. Oddly enough, I can get on a plane just fine. Anyways, the other reason I like it is because I can change my attitude pretty easily, which is why I'm XDLugia. XD could stand for the evil lugia of the game, or the more common reason laughing. ^^;

Update 1/19/2014
    Well, I'm about to start another semester at my university, and according to pretty much everyone who I have talked to, it will be brutal. So don't be surprised if I'm not around for a few days ... or weeks.

As for me personally, well my profile in the dragcave forums speaks for itself:
"I don't tend to speak because I'm fairly shy.
This year (2011) a few people died from both my current and old schools. One was a stabbing, the other was a suicide. I also experienced a few tragic deaths before, so keep that in mind ..."
I typically go out of my shell when around nice or funny people. I've also moved around a couple of times, leaving behind friends in each place.

As for the deaths mentioned above, they both impacted me and my community a lot. The suicide was a fellow high school senior at my old school, and was really well known around the school. When I heard that she died, I was in shock. I knew her only a bit, but from what I remember of her, she was smart, outgoing, and talented. Pretty much everything I'm trying to be. xD Joking aside, the community worked together to honor her memory. The stabbing is where I currently live. A few months after the beginning of my senior school year, a freshman was walking home and confronted by several people. They were trying to recruit him into their gang, and when he said no, they stabbed him. He was found a few hour or minutes later (I'm not good with details) and was taken to the hospital. He died a few hours later. The reason it impacted me is that the boy was one my cousin's friends, and it made my family worried about our safety. I guess we were fortunate that the rest of the year went without any main problems. You know, expect a possible shoot off, people thinking the building was going to burn down, and who knows what else. Did I mention that in my old high school there was a fire ... and a few threats of fire. And a fire extinguisher exploding. Um ... lol. :P

The other deaths I mentioned was the death of a cousin and what happened afterwards. When my little sister was born, so was a little cousin. He was only a few weeks younger than my sister, and I was one of the closest to my cousin. About 8 months later, my uncle was giving my little cousin a bath and the little boy accidentally slipped out of his hands. My cousin's skull was fractured and they took him immediately to the hospital. Once there, they didn't treat my cousin's skull, but some other part of his body. The end result was that my cousin became a vegetable. We tried to find some way to bring him back, but we lost hope. We disconnected my little cousin from life support and of course he died. A few weeks later, my uncle was charged with murder. His charges were eventually changed changed to manslaughter, and was sentenced to jail. My uncle's daughter, who was a year older than my little cousin, was taken away and giving to her grandmother's custody. Since my family blames my uncle's wife for what happened (long story ...), they weren't all to happy about the decision. To make things worse, my uncle's wife and her family moved back to Florida. Now, years later, we have yet been able to see the little girl. As for my uncle, he still has a few years to finish in jail. And as for me, I typically get a bit gloomy whenever my cousin's death "anniversary" comes around.

... Now that I've gotten those depressing things about me out of the way, let's talk about some happier stuff. ^^
I'm one of the top people in my class, which made me feel great about myself. I'm also pretty quick to make friends, as I'm well friendly. xD Actually, some people think I'm unnaturally kind, lol. Some people say I'm also a pretty decent artist. I can paint using pastels and chalk, and can create decent images using watercolors. Some people also say I'm pretty good at sketching. Personally, I say that I'm not all that special. There are others around me who are much more talented than me. ... That's all I got for now. xD I'll add more things in the "happy section" when I think about it.
Something new ... I FINALLY GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! I'm not sure what to say, other than I am extremely happy. There are no words to express my happiness. Finally out of that hell hole!

I guess I should also talk about why I'm typically shy. I guess the main reason is, I don't really think I can fully trust anyone.  It's not that I'm paranoid or anything (ok, maybe I am xD ), but it's just that I've never had anyone to always be there for me. Whenever I do, I always get an unexpected move to somewhere else or something else that just happens between us and we lose our connection. Actually, outside of DC or anywhere online for that matter, people don't know me more than the quiet kid or the smart kid. I just really can't bring myself to do that. That doesn't mean that I don't have friends, or at least, they think of me as their friend. I just don't know some times. When I think of a friend, I think of someone who would be there no matter what. Someone who would help you get back on your feet. They would probably do that, if I let them know about it. But, like I said. I just can't. I know I'm probably driving you nuts. xD  Other than not being able to trust anyone, I simply do not want people to know what I've been through my life. I'm sure others have suffered more than I have. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. I simply don't want to drag anyone down with me. The moment I do start talking about it, I'm sure to breakdown and just weep. I often times just feel so vulnerable. ... I've lost my train of thought. Well, the over all message I'm trying to say is that it takes time for me to warm up to others. I could go into more detail, but that would just complicate my emotions even more.

And if you ask about the images of dogs, well I found a webcomic I really liked, and some characteristics of the characters reflect on me pretty well. Anyways moving along ...
Jeez, I can't believe I wrote so much in just one page. I'm guessing you are getting tired by now. Well, it's alright. ^^ I'm mainly doing this as a way to open up, ya know. I can't always be so closed up.

Oh, and one other thing. I am what many people consider "inbred". It doesn't bother me, nor does it bother my parents and my family. Just something for you to think about. =P
And sorry about the poor structure, I'm still playing around with it. ^-^;