xdk & hdk user group FAQ

Users of XDK, HDK and ReWorx can:

  1. Ask a question if they get stuck. Messages are sent using http://groups.google.com/group/xdk_hdk
  2. Search for information about problems that have been solved by the members (these pages)
  3. Include useful information, add or edit these Wiki-style FAQ pages. 
  4. Point to Google Docs pages that may be of interest to the group or invite collaboration to their page.

Do you have information that you expect could be useful to other XDK and HDK users? Add the information to these pages. Follow the links to find out how.

Handling emails

The xdk-hdk group sends email using Google Groups. There is a string [xdk-hdk]: on the front of each subject line.

We recommend that you set up your email to move all such emails to a special folder.


When you reply to an email check each time to see whether that reply:

  • is a reply that should be sent to everyone on the list, 
  • is a repy that should be sent only to the person who asked the question,
  • is better put into the Frequently asked question section
  • that the email subject line is (still) relevant to the content of your email

Also trim off unnecessary paragraphs from the quoted question (or previous replies).