Character List for The Gauntlet Thrown


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Here is the list of characters as the story currently stands:


BRYDON REDWING - A Knight-Priest from Falara on a Quest to seek a nameless item before he returns to Falara to marry the princess and ascend the throne.


TORYN OF REDOL - A footloose would-be assassin that tried to end Brydon's quest before it began.  He now plans to join Brydon on his Quest and has a suspicion about the item Brydon seeks.


 ALYN - A horse-obsessed woman bound to escort Brydon and Toryn out of her country, even though they interrupted her search for a stolen stallion.  A capture by slavers left her behaving strangely.

VERANA - A Healer that appeared just when Brydon needed her, possibly subconsciously called by his growing mental powers.

DAVIN - A silver-haired quiet man rescued from slavers.  Davin was giving the odd label of "werewolf" and Brydon has a growing suspicion that the title might not be far from the truth.


REED - The apparent leader of a group of bandits.  He appeared long enough to engage in mental combat with Brydon and a swordfight with Toryn.  He disappeared like a ghost, leaving his band to fend for themselves. 


SELLARIS - A red haired beauty that relentlessly pursues Brydon after her leader, Reed, abandoned her and her group of bandits.  She has limited mental power, chiefly her ability to block Brydon from prying into her mind.

LAVAN - The brother of Sellaris.  Where she is quietly wicked, Lavan is outwardly so, exhibiting qualities of petulance and spoiled anger.

GARYN - The third party in Reed's abandoned band of thieves.  He harbors a secret crush on Sellaris, who barely notices his existence.


 SHEVYN - A mute girl rescued from slavery by Toryn and protected by Brydon.  She holds some secrets she can't seem to remember.

JACE THE WANDERER - A Knight-Priest of the Shield from Bodor, he met Brydon in the dungeons.  He seems to know some of some of Shevyn's secrets.

RAKYN - A Prince of Silver, he rules Darkynhold from the Black City.  His powers rival Brydon's and he seems willing to train Brydon in their use--but at what price?

NYKAR - Servant to Rakyn.  He seems to be bodyguard, friend, and confidant to the Prince.

DARYNA - Daughter of Haaryd, a Thalarii chieftan.  She was ordered to guide Toryn to the sea, a duty she would rather not have thrust upon her.