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today i gave blood.

You have to do it too! :)

compression: it has an end [ for a while... :) ]

now i developing dsve [ dsve @ sourceforge.net], 'cause i'm more interested in digital image processing.

download it, test it, write Your comments.

some feedback would be nice... Smile 

some plans currently in development: 

- effects are "scriptable": 

- frame-to-frame 
  - time-to-time, 
  - frame-to-time, 
  - time-to-frame; 

- centralized file load/save operations but can be overridefor native stream work; 

- centralized effect implementation but can be override for native stream work;

- frame grabbing to formats: BMP, YUV, YUY2 what can you view/convert with ShowYUV;

- more effects Smile

- there'll be TYUVImageBase what is the base for all T...Image objects (they are for native operations), for example: 

TYUVImageBase -+- TYUVImage 
                 +- TYUY2Image 
                 +- TAYUVImage 
                 +- TUYVYImage 
                 +- TYVYUImage 
                 +- TY211Image 
                 +- ... etc ... 

i think next week [ or next-after-next-after-next-after-next-after-next.... Smile ] i can release a new enduser package and some test programs. 

peace, xcluster 


a lot of delays (again)...

i changed my workplace and i moved to the capital city of our land... :)

a lots of changes and a (very) lot of work now...

i think i'll release the prg this year if everything is ok.


check my "musical" page is @ http://www.last.fm/music/xcluster