Nook Region Changer

This will change your Nook Simple Touch region between USA and UK (includes Deutsch, English, Español, Français (Canada), Français (France), Italiano).
I have simplied other methods (see credits) so that only one download is required and can convert between a US and UK nook (works either way). I created CWM zips of both UK and USA firmwares (based on methods from XDA, see credits).
I accept no liability for any damage caused as a result of using this, proceed at your own risk!
1) Download my "nook_region_changer" file
"" - click here
2) extract the zip file and run win32diskimager
3) Write "nook_region_converter.img" to the SD Card
4) Factory reset your nook ("N"/home key > Settings > Device Info > Erase and Deregister Device") and let it boot back up to the setup wizard, then power off.
5) Insert SD Card into nook and power on. It will boot clockworkmod, we are interested in "backup and restore" and "install zip from sdcard".
Clockworkmod controls. Left hand side buttons - go back. Upper right hand side - navigate up. Lower Right hand side - navigate down. 'N' or home key - Select.
6) Navigate to "backup and restore" and select it, on the next screen navigate to "backup" and select it, it will now create a current backup of your nook, the time taken will vary depending on what files you have on your nook, leave it until "Backup Complete" is displayed.
7) You should be returned to the home screen, from here navigate to "Install zip from sdcard" and select it. Next select "choose zip from sdcard".
8)a) First select, navigate to "Yes - Install". This should complete quickly and then display "Install from sdcard complete".
8)b) Now repeat the process and select either "" or "" depending on which region you want to flash. This will take longer and may look like it has frozen at some points, leave it going until completed (not doing so could brick your nook). Once completed your nook will display "Install from sdcard complete".
9) Navigate back to the home screen (left buttons) and select "reboot system now".
Your nook will now reboot back to clockworkmod, once loaded you can remove your sdcard, select "reboot system now" again and you will be booted to your nook on the new region.
Guide/files based off method posted by "noodles2k" here:
Clockworkmod Recover for Nook posted by "mali100" here:
CWM flashable zip based on posted by "pankaj88" here:
Original Nook firmwares taken from HERE (UK) and HERE (USA)