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Right click and "Save target as ..." or use download tools such as Thunder or FlashGet. 

There are more than 3000 txt files which are fit to read in MP4,PSP,etc in my hard disk. If you need some books not listed here, please leave messages in my blog. And if i own,i'll upload immediately.

Have fun.








狼图腾.txt   download
大四了,我可以牵你的手吗.txt   download
哈里波特与混血王子.txt   download
我,机器人.txt   download
小王子.txt   download
魔兽世界官方小说——永恒之井.txt   download
达芬奇密码(丹·布朗).rar   download
幻城.txt   download
村上春树短篇小说集.rar   download
心灵鸡汤.txt   download
钱钟书《围城》.txt   download
安替-新新闻人自学手册.txt   download

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