What is an X-Catholic?

The term "X-Catholic" was coined in the late 90's by philosopher Trent Dougherty to signify two things, as well as be an ironic alternative to "ex-Catholics."  

First, the cohort of misfits--poets, artists, philosophers, and other pretentious, self-important folks--with whom he entered the Church were all from the so called "Generation X."  Dougherty was born in 1971, smack dab in the middle of the 1961-1981 range when Baby Boomers were having their children (at, ironically, and all-time low, bottoming out in 1970).  

Gen-X was also called the "Slacker" generation due to the posh lifestyle our BabyBoomer parents were able to give us (mostly by the money they saved in not giving us brothers and sisters).  Turns out boredom is about as deleterious as poverty.  In the words of Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain (A Gen-X'er who's massive success led to his 1994 suicide) "Here we are, now entertain us."  

Also in the 90's, "X" became a popular prefix to denote "extreme" versions of things which were ramped up to hold the attention of those who were being entertained to death.  In fact, the first "X Games" event was held the summer after Cobain's suicide.  

Well, several of us were tired of being entertained, though we did have a sense that only an extreme solution could solve the riddle of why so much money, success, and other material well-being increased rather than decreased suicide rates.  

So we turned to the least entertaining and most extreme entity ever to exist: The Roman Catholic Church.  Basically "grown up" now, our little band  are now Professors, Lawyers, Physicists, Engineers, and Programmers (Gen-X has the highest education levels of any age group). But we are just as extreme as ever.  That is, we are Catholic.