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Commandos 2

Widescreen Patch Download

For convenience I've created executables for 1024x600, 1280x720, 1280x800, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, and 1920x1200. These are based off the official 1.2 International Patch. Just extract the one you want to the Commandos 2 directory and either rename it Comm2.exe or update your shortcuts. If you rename it, make sure you back up your original in case you want to use it again. I've included the patched sound files as well, which go in the \data\ sub-directory.

Then all you have to do is make sure 800x600 is the selected resolution in the options menu. The menu and cut-scenes will be in 800x600, but in-game it should use your desired resolution.

The viewable area in Commandos 2 is based on resolution as opposed to aspect ratio, meaning the higher the resolution, the more game area is rendered (both horizontally and vertically).

Very high resolutions may not function properly with this game.

E-mail me with questions or comments.
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1024x768 (4:3)

1280x720 (16:9)

For manual instructions on how to patch the executable yourself (if you want to try a different resolution, for instance), read the sections below.

In order for this to work, you will need the official 1.2 International Patch.

To add widescreen support to this game you'll need a hex editor such as Be.HexEditor. Open your comm2.exe file with it and search for the string 20 03 00 00 b9 58 02 00 00. You should find five instances of it. For each of them, replace 20 03 (800) and 58 02 (600) with the resolution of your choice.

Hexadecimal codes for common resolutions can be found in this thread on the Widescreen Gaming Forum.

After that's done (making sure you're searching from the beginning of the file) search for each of these individual strings:

c2 04 00 b8 20 03 (000eb860)
00 00 c3 b8 20 03 (000eb900)
00 eb 13 ba 20 03 (000eb9a0)
c2 04 00 b8 58 02 (000eb8b0)
00 00 c3 b8 58 02 (000eb940)
44 24 04 b9 58 02 (000eb9e0)

And replace the 20 03's and the 58 02's with your corresponding hexadecimal codes. Keep in mind that the 58 02's are mixed with the 20 03's in the file, so start your searches from the beginning of the file (or at least after 20 03's are done, start searching from the beginning for the 58 02's).

After you're done, save the file and change your in-game resolution to 800x600.