This website is a resource for theming skins for XBMC Media Center. It has Color Schemes, Tutorials, Themes on SVN, and various graphics and graphic packs designed to make XBMC theming easier. So far there are only 2 team members who regularly contribute, Paybac and myself. Though there has been contributions by others such as rudeboyx, thanks so much for your work.
If you know your way around PhotoShop or GIMP then feel free to participate in making this an EVEN bigger resource for quality themes.

If anyone is interested in adding one of their own themes to the XBMC Themes SVN, or  if you want to submit anything at all, drop me a line




Lots of things have been done since the launch of this website. Since I have just now decided to add a 'news' section to the homeage I am going to discuss all the new things since the site went public, this way everyone gets an idea of what this site has to offer. From here on out I will post updated  information right here about all releases for themes, graphics, tutorials and so on.

I have a new member to the project, Paybac. He has been a major help to me to get me motivated and he has contributed quite a bit himself so thanks a bunch to him.

We have now added 2 more skins sections to the site "PMIII"  &  "XBMC Connected". In the PMIII section there is a 'graphics' section (themes section will be up soon) that has 6 different colored home_top gfx in both 16x9 and 4x3.
That section is soon to expand too.

Also Paybac has made a theme for XBMC Connected called IconChange.

I have made a theme for XBMC Connected too, well it's technically 3 (with color.xml for font colors).
They're called PM3Connect.

The PM3.HD section has been updated to include all themes that have been in SVN for a minute now. It also has a new theme that Paybac made called Industrial.HD.

Also PM3.HD has a few new color schemes Twilight, Blue Rainbow, Blue Fire and Limon.
The graphics section in PM3.HD got a 6 colored busy dialogs made by Paybac. It should be added to PMIII section too because it works for both perfectly.

and he also made colored animated gifs for the PMIII homescreen (i think they are getting an update though).
And there is replacement gfx for PM3.HD that replaces the carbon fiber in the skin.

and XStitch

and more to come soon.

And the website has been reconstructed and looks cleaner. Tutorials are coming soon as well!

Have fun using these things when making themes. If you want to submit anything contact me, my email address is on the left side of this webpage.