24 October, 2016
5,095 device installs

 Alpha / Beta testing

Recommended only if you have multiple devices (one running the stable version, while testing the development version on the other one).

When becoming a tester you will be getting alpha / beta / stable versions in that order on all devices on which signed-in with the same Google account, but you can disable automatic updates on the main device and that way you control when you install a version, after testing it on the other device first.

How to join / leave the test:

 Support / Feature requests

    Create a ticket using the link below, following the general guideliness please.
  • browse or search existing issues first
    If you find one that is close to your problem you can "watch" it to get notifications on updates (see Watchers link on the right side of the issue).
  • please try to be concise
    Explain briefly the steps to replicate the problem, what you see and maybe what you would expect. Doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough to understand each other.
    Keep it simple, don't put unrelated problems in the same ticket, create separate tickets if necessary - it will help with a quicker resolution.

Thank you.