A new version of XBMC remote is now available for download.  Here is a new video of the updated app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16teDhIGKf0
I will be updating this site with new screenshots when I have time.


New Features:
  • Updated Now Playing Screen with Remote
    • I had lots of requests for a "remote" where users could use the remote like a standard remote, but I couldn't get over the problem of not being able to feel what I was clicking on.  As a solution, I created a gesture-based remote, and utilized the native webos gestures to control XBMC.  Here is an explanation:
                    Joystick:  The transparent button in the center of the screen acts as a joystick.  Drag it up, down, left, or right to send directional controls to XBMC.
                    Drag Bar:  Dragging from just below the joystick up, will open the menu while browsing, and the info dialog during fullscreen playback.
                    Command Menu:  The command menu for playback controls are now available everywhere else in the app as well.
                    Fullscreen Toggle:  In the bottom left corner, there is a button to toggle fullscreen playback.
  • Caching
    • I have added caching to all info while browsing library mode.  This means lightning fast load times while browsing your media.  No more waiting for thumbnails to download from the server.
  • Updated Playlist Screen
    • The playlist screen has been updated and allows shuffle, and repeat toggling.  It also allows you to delete items from the playlist.
  • Bugfixes
    • All known bugs are fixed with this release.

The full version is now available in the App Catalog for $3.95 (I am working on an update that fixes all the known bugs.  In addition, I have also enabled the remote control functionality.)

Download the Lite version from Preware in the palm-web feed or by clicking this link from your phone: Lite Version

XBMC Remote for WebOS is a fully featured XBMC client with the following features:
  • Library-based listing and playback of Music, TV Shows, and Movies on your media center
  • Start a slideshow of your pictures, and quickly flip through them
  • Dashboard allowing you to pause and skip through all media
  • Now Playing Screen
  • Queue up songs to build a playlist
This software is dependent on XBMC, the most advanced media center on the planet.  http://www.xbmc.org

Home Screen
Artist View

Album View with Dashboard

Now Playing

TV Shows View

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Episode View

Movies Filter List

Movie Details