My Videos


...when video killed the radio star!


...some of the good times of life stay with us for ever.



A bunch of friends, a couple of beers and a crazy IDEA finally got us making this video. It was a week dedicated to pranks at work. The fun was beyond expectations, and we have tried our best to capture the same in the video below




Well, if that’s work - then these are friends. The video below is dedicated to a friend - MANU, also known as FATTU to those who know him well and Munna Bhai to the others. He redefines attitude and ishtyle.




Friends need not be restricted to people obviously. Below is a video is a kitten who was a frequent visitor to my room. He kindda had a knack in getting to my softer side and many a time managed to find a cozy spot on my bean bag. Its a pity he just disappeared one evening... but of course, I still think of him often. 


 These and many more of my videos you will find at youTube.



 Though all these videos remind me of how good things used to be.., nothing comes close to the place I call home - BANGALORE. Driving around in Bangalore is an experiance by itself




...yup, that's all for now. Shall keep this page updated as and when I have some more interesting videos