Setup A ZigBee Network

[ Setup A ZigBee Network ]

Case 1 : Point to Point
For a P2P , you can just simply use 802.15.4    .    For this case , the modem type could be : XB24 or XBP24

And the key point to setup a P2P communication is ,
1. Baud Rate should match each other
3. Channel
The default PAN ID is 3332.    You can change it to avoid conflicting from other network.    You can also assign a channel choose from 0b - 1A in this case.
The default MY Address , DH , and DL are 0 , so it will send signal to an XBee with MY Address is 0 base on DH and DL.    If the other one set the DH and DL = 0 , then it will send signal to this XBee too.   

When set DL=0xFFFF , this XBee enters a broadcast mode ( point to multi-point ).   It will send signal to each XBee with the same channel and all the addresses.

The default Baud Rate is 3 - 9600.    You can change it to 115200.    After modifying this parameter , you should remember to change the Baud Rate in TAB : PC Settings too.    Else , you won't be able to use X-CTU talk to this XBee since the baud rate does not match each other after modification.

The detailed example can also be found here :

Case 2 : ZigBee Network
For setup a ZigBee Network , it needs XB24-XXX or XBP24-XXX , such as XB24-B and XBP24-ZB.     And it must has at least two function sets , one for Coordinator and the other for Router.

In other words , a ZigBee network consists at least two XBee , one should set to Coordinator , and the other set to Router.    You can do this by using X-CTU.    Below is the tutorial for setting up this kind of network communication.

[ Example - Configure a ZigBee Network ]

For an easy way to use ZigBee Network , use X-CTU and follow these procedures  :
  1. Select function set ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT
  2. Write Parameter and update firmware to one XBee Module
  3. Select function set ZIGBEE ROUTER / END DEVICE AT
  4. Write Parameter and update firmware to another XBee
  5. Go to Terminal , type in any word will transfer to the other wireless
You don't need to change any other parameter to make this work , since the default setting did the trick for you.    However , you should know the basic idea to make this net work.     Read the information below.

For a correct setting of a ZigBee Network , the following parameters must be set
  1. ID - PAN ID : must be all the same for each XBee on this network.  
  2. DL - Destination Address Low :
    1. Coordinator set to FFFF(broadcast mode)
    2. Router set to 0(The default Address Low for Coordinator)
  3. BD - Baud Rate : must be the same for each XBee on this network
The coordinator may auto changing PAN ID and channel for you.    You'll see the parameters of this two XBee match to each other with the same channel and PAN ID.

This configuration be called "AT Command Mode" or "Transparent Mode".    There is another configuration be called API Mode.    Check this out for API Mode.      API_Mode

After done everything described above , then connect these two XBee on your PC.    Open the X-CTU , go to TAB Range Test and click on "Start" button.     You should see the test is working now after they make connection automatically.

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