Infomation Of ZigBee Network

Zigbee is a wireless communication protocol like wifi and
bluetooth.    ZigBee defines a network layer above the 802.15.4 layers to support advanced mesh routing capabilities.    XBee is the wireless module which uses Zigbee protocol.

XBee has an IO port for UART communication (Rx:pin3 Tx:pin2) , such that it can talk to a microcontroller easily.     This is a very useful function for a wireless device.
    If you just need two devices , such a PC and an Arduino , be able to talk to each other wireless , then you can just buy two XBee with function 802.15.4.     If you need the information transfer to a long distance through other similar devices wireless , then you should buy the XBee with Mesh Networking function which be called "ZigBee Protocol".

[ About ZigBee Protocol ]
The information and basic idea about Wireless Network , ZigBee , 802.15.4 , Coordinator , Router , End Device , PAN ID , and channel

[ Setup A ZigBee Network ]

The procedures to setup a ZigBee Network , the necessary parameters
, and the information of setup a P2P connection
[ API Mode ]
The information about
AT Mode and API Mode , How to use API Mode

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