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Unzip and run kml2kml.msi or setup.exe

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All Aircraft in Flight(by Cyclonic)
Google Earth Cemeteries(by Phil Verney)
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Tiling in GMaps

KML2KML is an application including tools for reorganization and optimization of your kml/kmz data.Pro license to obtain Superoverlay Plus version.

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Number of licensesStandardPlusPro
> 10

Main window

KML Tools

Professional tools for reorganization and optimization of your kml/kmz data.

Assembly tools

Assembly is the tools fof assembling of all data under network links into one and collect all overlay resources in one folder or KMZ file. We can use result for desktop (enterprise) solution without internet.

Distribute tools

The tool for splitting KML file into set of small filesbase on folder structure of the main KML file.

Region tools
Tools for assigning region to placemarks, groundoverlays and folders with specifided LOD parameters. Very often you have large vector kml data that is loaded in GE. To load your data more optimum it is necessary to specify regions and levels of detail (LOD) for each object or for group of objects. ‘Region tool’ solve this problem. This tool opens your kml/kmz data, calculates extents for each object or group of objects, according the options you specified and stores ‘Region’ and ‘Lod’ tags in your kml/kmz file.GE Sky mode is supported. For more info about Region and LOD in KML see official GE help.

Basic functions:
Add button - adds kml/kmz files to list
Remove button - removes kml/kmz files from list
Assign regions button - assigns regions to placemarks, ground overlays or/and group of objects (Folders)
Remove regions button - removes all 'Region' tags from kml/kmz file
Update LOD button - changes LOD parameter

Note: All operations are made only with the checked files in list

LOD parameters group - LOD parameters
(look more at KML Help)

Assign regions to group - choice of geometry types, objects types for which regions will be assigned
Point buffer - size of rectangle region (in kilometers) for 'point' object, where's the 'point' is a center of this rectangle

Notes: To open any file in list in Google Earth just double click on this file. All operations are made only with the checked files in list

Reorganize tools


The tools for reorganization of the KML file structure

Get Terrain (Plus and Pro only)

The tools for creating terrain model of the selected view (points, wireframe, surface, contours)

KML to 3D (Plus and Pro only)

KML to 3D the tools for assigning terrain altitude to eath objects in source KML, coloring objects by altitude value and elevating objects according scale and offset parameters.

Example of KML to 3D results.

Image tiler for Google Maps


Photo Track (Plus and Pro only)

Photo Track is tool for the arrangement of photos on track according to GeoEXIF or GPS data.

Example of Photo Track results.

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