Stop the Nonsense

Open letter to Stumble users:

Stop Stumbling http://www.<site-name>.com!!!!!

If you think you're clever because you listed or or some other hugely trafficked website then you're not. That's how cleverness works. If you think you're clever and do blatantly counter-clever things then you are not clever.

I don't hit the stumble button to visit my bookmarks list. If I access pages tagged with "science" I don't need the Large Hadron Collider homepage. Perhaps a Wikipedia entry about it is permissible, certainly some jokes about it's auspiciously gay and common typo: "The Large Hard-on Collider" are permissible. Even a specific article (i.e. webpage) on the website is just fine, but there is no need to Stumble the entire fucking website.

If I hit "Stumble!" and end up at even one more time, I'm going on a murder-free killing spree. I'm honestly surprised I haven't stumbled to I'm sure some idiot thought he discovered Google and told all his friends. But I guess that's what happens when your brain is literally made of dog shit and cake.

So, knock it the fuck off. I want you to know I give every single www.<site-name>.com stumble destination a big thumbs down. I wish that every time I did that you would get an e-mail that said: "Someone thinks you have the intelligence of a napkin. Try not to hurt yourself today!"

There are those of us who have been using Stumble since its first or second release. If we thought that needed to be stumbled, it would have been taken care of. Find something unique to contribute. If you read a blog regularly, and something funny or relevant crops up, stumble the fucking entry not the entire God damned blog. 

When you point to a funny looking dog on the street you don't turn to your friend and say: "Holy shit, look at those several thousand square miles over there" because, if you did, your friend would first be clueless, then mad, then guilty of homicide.


Go fuck yourselves.