I Don't Need You To Pray for Me

Has anyone ever told you that they would pray for you? Next time someone does, tell them to stop insulting their deity. I act of saying: "God told me to pray for you" is an accusation that their deity is either self-indulgent or non-existent. Don't worry, I'll show you!


  • There is a two way communications bridge between "you" and your god.
  • Your god is omnipotent and omniscient (definition of a god).


  1. Since your god is omniscient he knows that I need help
  2. Since your god is omnipotent he is actively choosing to withhold this help
  3. Instead, your god tells you to pray to him to help me
  4. You pray back to your god to do what he has chosen not to do

Conclusion (two possibilities):

  1. Your god is either super-egotistical and is simply maximizing the number of people begging him for shit; or
  2. Your god does is not omniscient (not a god), not omnipotent (not a god) or non-existent (especially not a god) 


Please stop insulting your god to me.