Hydrogen Powered Cars


 The above link is an actual look at global warming. If you are too stupid to read it, let me summarize it for you: 

"CO2 is a greenhouse gas with the ability to retain 1/600th of the heat that the same amount of water vapor will retain."

Global warming, as the public understands it, is a myth. Sorry. It is. Humans, expelling CO2, are not causing a global climate change anywhere near the "mythical" amount. If we cut 50% of our CO2 expulsion today, we will reduce the global temperature by 1/20th of a degree in 2050. That's based on reality, not whatever you thought someone told you about what they heard Al Gore say in an interview on 60 Minutes with some stupid bitch.

Since water vapor accounts for 95% of the greenhouse effect, the worst thing we could do would be to add more water. The principle ingredient in the exhaust of hydrogen cars is water. Hydrogen powered cars will make global warming a reality.

I'm not a spokesperson for oil companies. I don't get paid by them. I don't drive three Hummers. I'm barely a Republican by most standards (I certainly believe in a small Federal government, but I don't think that government should be a theocracy). I don't hate the planet. I don't hate alternative energy. I don't hate plants or animals. I like forests. I like good weather. I like our ice caps. I like the economy. I don't hate winter. I don't wish summer was hotter. I don't think the apocalypse will happen tomorrow.


I just like being right, and I'm right about this. So, shut the fuck up about hydrogen cars and global warming.